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Inside JOUAV Tech Park: The Future of Drone Manufacturing Unveiled!

Step into the extraordinary world of JOUAV Tech Park, where innovation meets precision. Discover our cutting-edge facility with a $50 million investment, spanning 50 acres and 54,000 square meters of production space.

Witness the advanced equipment in action - from fully automatic cutting machines to laser cutting technology. Our high-temperature ovens and hot press tanks ensure unmatched durability. With a capacity of 3,700 standard models, we redefine the drone industry.



Driverless electric vehicles at a fraction of the cost of a car.


The Carbon Digital Light Synthesis 3D Printing Process

video | September 2, 2023

What gets us fired up about Carbon’s unique Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) process: the ability to produce even the most complex geometries and textures in end-use quality in-house, 25–100 times faster than standard 3D printers. This speeds up our already efficient product development cycle....

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When to Consider Additive Manufacturing for Your Applications

video | August 31, 2023

When to Consider Additive Manufacturing for Your Applications? Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions explains when to consider 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing) for your large parts and applications....

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A simple way to connect manufacturing with low code applications

video | August 31, 2023

Smart factories, sustainability, hyper-automation, supply chain complexities—the manufacturing shop floor is coping with a daunting list of disruptive challenges. Digital transformation offers powerful answers to those challenges. But navigating the chaotic landscape of digitalization solutions—commercial, homegrown, legacy, customized—could be the greatest challenge of all....

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iBase-t's Solumina Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

video | August 16, 2023

An integral part of iBASEt's Digital Operations Suite, the Solumina iSeries MES solution can play a critical role in the digital transformation of your manufacturing, quality, and sustainment operations. As a paperless production and quality system, the Solumina iSeries allows you to take control of your manufacturing operations efficiently with intuitive dashboards and automated data collection from 3rd party systems, unlocking the opportunity for greater productivity and performance across your manufacturing, quality, and sustainment operations....

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