SIXAI Launching Massive Global Deployment of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Musashi Seimitsu Industry | September 20, 2022 | Read time : 04:02 min

SIXAI Launching News
SIXAI, the parent company of 634AI, the developers of MAESTRO, announced plans for the worldwide deployment of the most advanced AI-powered mobile robot system within the next few years. North America is among the regions under consideration for early distribution of the AMRs. The worldwide deployment is part of an initial plan to place 200 autonomous mobile robots across 35 global manufacturing facilities owned and operated by the tier-1 auto parts manufacturer Musashi Seimitsu. Within North America, Musashi owns facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan and Arthur, Ontario, and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The MAESTRO-orchestrated AMRs will help automate Musashi’s operations, which supply parts to the world’s top auto and motorcycle manufacturers. MAESTRO features a control tower that provides a bird’s eye view of the manufacturing floor and a central AI-powered processing unit that enables a fully coordinated operation–from tracking and tracing the movement of goods and equipment to identifying hazards and obstacles. This new technology creates a safer workforce, where AMRs carry out rigorous and repetitive tasks, while humans handle specialized jobs. The goal is to realize the vision of Industry 4.0, where robots and humans complement one another, freeing up employees to take on jobs that are more fulfilling.

This marriage of man and machine will help solve one of today’s most vexing workplace challenges: staffing shortages. MAESTRO has been developed by 634AI to create more automated intra-logistics operations and to better coordinate activity, creating environments where man-driven forklifts, employees, and robots can operate in sync and with greater safety.

“The future is a hybrid job market with robots and AI working in harmony with humans, COVID-19 has exposed workforce and supply chain vulnerabilities and has revealed the need for better ways to serve humanity. However, well before the pandemic, we understood the importance of incorporating robots to address workforce shortages and advance manufacturing. What SIXAI and Musashi are doing today will increase productivity and safety in industries worldwide. We’re thrilled to work with Musashi Seimitsu to help innovative companies realize better, more reliable, and safer ways to handle their products, We are pioneering the way forward for manufacturing and distribution. The possibilities are endless; airline baggage and cargo, semiconductors and general freight industries could all benefit from our robots.“

-Ran Poliakine Founder and CEO SIXAI.

The deployment of AMRs comes after two years of developing and testing MAESTRO in Musashi Seimitsu’s manufacturing facilities in Japan. Musashi is a major shareholder in 634AI.

The robots will be deployed in phases, first as a pilot, followed by ramped-up integration over the course of the next several years. The AMRs require low maintenance and cost far less than competing models, making them the optimal choice for companies facing labor shortages and looking for cost-effective solutions.

“We have been heavily investing in automation and AI capabilities over the past few years, with a vision to create a more humane workplace where people no longer carry out tedious, repetitive, unrewarding tasks, 634AI’s distinct approach for industrial floor management and control allows people and machines to effectively work side-by-side in a much safer environment. We look forward to a fruitful deployment of this next-generation technology across our global manufacturing sites.”

-Isaku Takeshi, CIO of Musashi Seimitsu.

SIXAI, together with its partner company Musashi, is also investing in a company that sells AI-enabled Visual Control Inspectors to automotive and other manufacturers in Japan to boost their productivity and the accuracy of the inspection process. Manufacturers will have the option to “hire” robots as well.

About SIXAI:
SIXAI brings advanced technology and AI into traditional industries to improve productivity to better serve people around the world. Established by Israeli entrepreneur Ran Poliakine, the company identifies manufacturing and distribution shortcomings and provides solutions that improve performance and lower cost. SIXAI specializes in technology integration into legacy industries. Captain’s Eye, a maritime AI company, is one such enterprise, performing real-time detection of security threats, leaks, safety violations, and cargo movement for shipping companies. SIXAI also acquires companies in the local and international market, mainly in the fields of AI, robotics, green energy, cyber and fintech. SIXAI recently signed an exclusive agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), one of the world’s leading military and aerospace manufacturers to identify military technologies that can be converted to civilian use. 

About Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd:
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a tier-1 global manufacturer of auto parts for automobiles and motorcycles. Headquartered in Toyohashi, Japan, the company has manufacturing sites in 14 countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam. Musashi specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing powertrain products such as differential assemblies, planetary gear assemblies, transmission gears and assemblies, and reduction gears for xEVs, which are supplied to global major OEMs and Tier1s. Linkage and suspension products are also strategic products of Musashi.

About 634AI:
634AI was founded to enable the greater resilience and business continuity of organizations in an ever-changing world. Our mission is to simplify industrial mobility and allow safer, smarter operations – for everyone, everywhere. The company developed MAESTRO, a Computer Vision and AI-powered control tower that streamlines management of anything mobile on an industrial floor. MAESTRO gives superpowers to the most ordinary industrial space. Its semantic analytics, generated from a panoptic view of the floor, enables customers a fully coordinated operation of anything mobile – be it track and trace movements of goods and equipment, real time safety alerts for man driven vehicles, or navigating fleets of generic autonomous mobile robotic platforms, all through a unified and flexible modular system, with greater safety, at an affordable price. 634AI is on a mission to make a safer and smarter industrial mobility – from the industrial floor to the airport terminal, the warehouse floor or the hospital floor, and beyond.


The Hybrid Materials Laboratory from the SUPSI University in Switzerland develops new composite materials for a variety of applications, ranging from filtration systems to surfaces of aerospace vehicles. For their research the team also makes use of a Sintratec Kit.

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Realtime Robotics Announces Additional Funding of $14.4 Million

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Legenday Starts Supplying Silicone Products to 3C Industry

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Today, LegenDay started supplying silicone products to computers, communications, and the consumer electronics industry (3C Industry). This comes after LegenDay adopted a range of silicone product manufacturing technologies such as extrusion, injection molding, Overmolding, compression molding, and multi-shot injection molding. LegenDay will supply silicone parts to 3C industries, including Bluetooth headsets, phone parts, headphones, Wi-Fi accessories, mouse pads, gamepads, case sleeves, phone holders, and multimedia players, among other components. During this first phase, LegenDay will support small and OEM businesses in the 3C industry. “Rethinking performance, reliability, safety, and performance makes silicone the best material in consumer electronics, At LegenDay, we strive to create the future by supplying the best silicone product to the 3C industry – whether small or large silicone products. We are a partner you can trust.” -Frank, Marketing Manager LegenDay. Silicone rubber is a breakthrough in the 3C industry. Its soft-to-touch feeling, exceptional durability, flexible design, best chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, and eco-friendly features make silicone rubber the best for consumer electronics products. LegenDay continues to partner with product developers alongside manufacturers and reputable brands in the 3C industry. About LegenDay: LegenDay designs and manufactures silicone products for home and industrial use. Based in China, the company has invested in advanced silicone products manufacturing technologies such as silicon extrusion, co-moulding, Overmolding, multi-shot, and clean room injection molding. With continued innovations and research, LegenDay remains a market leader in silicone product manufacturing.

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The Hybrid Materials Laboratory from the SUPSI University in Switzerland develops new composite materials for a variety of applications, ranging from filtration systems to surfaces of aerospace vehicles. For their research the team also makes use of a Sintratec Kit.