Litmus and Oden Offer a Turnkey Solution for Smart Manufacturing

Oden Technologies, Litmus | September 03, 2020

Litmus, the Intelligent Edge Computing company, today announced a partnership with Oden Technologies, a company helping manufacturers make faster and better decisions through machine learning and advanced analytics. Together, Litmus and Oden offer a turnkey solution for Smart Manufacturing including out-of-the-box data acquisition from any machine, advanced analytics and machine learning to drive greater production efficiency.

Litmus Edge is the data intelligence platform to quickly collect, normalize and analyze high volumes of live data from industrial assets and make it available to OT and IT systems via edge-to-enterprise integration. Oden provides the big data compute engine and machine learning, real-time and predictive process metrics. A 90-day pilot of Litmus + Oden can show guaranteed ROI from installation to pre-built machine learning prescribed improvements.


Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it’s often called, is a manufacturing process that has been developing steadily since 1984. Founded by Charles Hull, the process allows three-dimensional objects to be printed from digital data. Much like the time when the Homebrew Computer Club was founded in 1975, society is now at a period where a new technological disruption is being born: 3D printing.

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LLumin's IoT-enabled Software Reduces Downtime for Manufacturers by Nearly 40%

LLumin | January 19, 2022

Four out of every five companies experience unplanned downtime. And that downtime significantly impacts the bottom line in manufacturing—costing companies as much as $260,000 per hour according to Aberdeen Research. To combat downtime, something that's increasingly difficult in an economy with ongoing labor shortages and supply chain challenges, companies are turning to advanced technologies to minimize and reduce downtime, using machine learning and predictive analytics. That's why LLumin's findings from analysis across manufacturing customers reveal something so important: Based on historical customer data, their real-time machine analytics platform reduces downtime by nearly 40% within the first 12 months of going live in a facility. Not only that, LLumin's platform reduces customers' mean time to repair (MTTR) score—which measures the average time it takes to recover from a system failure—by nearly 20% within two years of implementing their CMMS platform. "We know firsthand from conversations with our customers that this platform delivers a lasting solution for curbing downtime—these numbers prove that it can help essentially any manufacturer concerned about equipment faltering, Monitoring machines in real-time and triggering preventive maintenance before a major issue arises is going to become an increasingly important part of how manufacturers thrive in the future." -LLumin CEO Ed Garibian. Minimizing downtime is crucial in sectors like the food and beverage industry—less downtime means less potential for spoilage, helping manufacturers run at optimum efficiency. LLumin's IoT-enabled solution provides proactive maintenance, which is a combination of preventative and predictive maintenance. Proactive maintenance supports time, usage, and condition-based maintenance approaches, all of which can be deployed simultaneously with LLumin. LLumin, a trusted CMMS partner for prominent food and beverage manufacturers like Sunny Delight Beverages, American Beverage Corporation, a2 Milk, and Miller Milling, and a provider for global brands like Rockwell Automation and Caterpillar, is committed to providing solutions that curb downtime and enhance safety in plants. About LLumin LLumin Inc., is redefining industrial automation by integrating real-time machine and operations data with business rules and policies to automatically trigger intelligent, predictive actions and outcomes. Using a "bias towards action" approach, LLumin moves beyond traditional Asset Management Solutions to provide customers with an intuitive, always-on, software solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing technology platforms.

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MASS Group Announces the Integration of ScannerIO to Automate Data Collection and WIP Processing

MASS Group | April 23, 2022

Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. dba MASS Group, Inc., is announcing the release of a new IoT Platform software solution, Scanner IO, that will complement their robust Traceability Made Easy (TME) MES and MOM solution. It will digitally transform and automate the scanning and data collecting processes in the manufacturing industry. ScannerIO is a high-performing platform software solution that will automate WIP processing while reducing operator intervention and overall labor requirements. Completely in-house, cost-effective, and intended for discrete and process manufacturing, this emerging technology will eliminate the repeated need for programming required by distributors, integrators, and end-users to log data into a variety of output formats. The need to program the logic when items are scanned at mass is no longer required as ScannerIO automates the scanners and digital travelers. The software solution has the ability to seamlessly swap between manual and automated steps in MES and will provide clear visibility to data for every work order, without any operator involvement, and synthesize that information to improve any manufacturing process through workflow management. The digital transformation of ScannerIO will build a foundational system that empowers workers and manufacturers to optimize their production processes. MASS Group's release of ScannerIO was initiated to complement Data Logic's hardware solution with the intent of transforming the way manufacturers scan items and collect data. By having an all-powerful and already built manufacturing execution systems software solution (TME MES), MASS Group's mission is to exceed regular MES expectations by enhancing and automating the data collection and scanning processes within a manufacturer's workflow. About TME MES/MOM TME MES's open cloud architecture, built and standardized on Microsoft stack including SQL server technology, provides a framework for a comprehensive traceability and genealogy for processes, people, inventory, and assets. It is an end-to-end, 100% cloud-based, cost-effective platform that enables your business to consolidate complex data while simultaneously coordinating manufacturing processes, equipment, and personnel. About MASS Group Since 1998, MASS Group, Inc., has evolved over the years in developing, selling, and supporting its software suite called Traceability Made Easy (TME). TME is an all-in-one cloud-based software solution that provides end-to-end capabilities across the entire supply chain and delivers a single source of truth to manage, track, and communicate enterprise activities that provide a real-time view into critical business processes.

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mainSENSOR: patented measuring principle for demanding measurement tasks

Micro-Epsilon | February 12, 2020

The mainSENSOR measures displacement and distance by using a magnet that is fixed to the measurement object. If a magnet moves, the magnetic flow in the sensor element changes, which is detected by the sensor coil. Due to dependent physical effects, this results in a linear relationship between distance and output signal. The mainSENSOR combines the advantages of inductive and magnetic sensors. Unlike conventional magnetic sensors based on the Hall Effect principle, mainSENSOR models have a significantly expanded measuring range, while providing a continuous, linear output signal and offering more favorable pricing with large measuring ranges. In contrast to conventional inductive sensors, the advantages lie in a continuously high sensitivity even at the end of the measuring range, a high protection class due to the fully metallic housing, a compact design and the possibility of flush sensor installation in non-magnetic materials.

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Alfa Laval AB (publ) Interim report April 1 - June 30, 2020

Alfa Laval | July 21, 2020

Cost program protects profitability · Order intake on about the same level as last year. · Adjusted EBITA margin improved to 17.2 % supported by the cost reduction program. · Strong liquidity focus during the quarter increased cash flow from operating activities with SEK 2.2 billion. · A recommended public offer of SEK 18 billion concerning Neles was announced on July 13.

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Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it’s often called, is a manufacturing process that has been developing steadily since 1984. Founded by Charles Hull, the process allows three-dimensional objects to be printed from digital data. Much like the time when the Homebrew Computer Club was founded in 1975, society is now at a period where a new technological disruption is being born: 3D printing.