Legenday Starts Supplying Silicone Products to 3C Industry

LegenDay | November 28, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

Legenday started news
Today, LegenDay started supplying silicone products to computers, communications, and the consumer electronics industry (3C Industry). This comes after LegenDay adopted a range of silicone product manufacturing technologies such as extrusion, injection molding, Overmolding, compression molding, and multi-shot injection molding.

LegenDay will supply silicone parts to 3C industries, including Bluetooth headsets, phone parts, headphones, Wi-Fi accessories, mouse pads, gamepads, case sleeves, phone holders, and multimedia players, among other components. During this first phase, LegenDay will support small and OEM businesses in the 3C industry.

“Rethinking performance, reliability, safety, and performance makes silicone the best material in consumer electronics, At LegenDay, we strive to create the future by supplying the best silicone product to the 3C industry – whether small or large silicone products. We are a partner you can trust.”

-Frank, Marketing Manager LegenDay.

Silicone rubber is a breakthrough in the 3C industry. Its soft-to-touch feeling, exceptional durability, flexible design, best chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, and eco-friendly features make silicone rubber the best for consumer electronics products.

LegenDay continues to partner with product developers alongside manufacturers and reputable brands in the 3C industry.

About LegenDay:
LegenDay designs and manufactures silicone products for home and industrial use. Based in China, the company has invested in advanced silicone products manufacturing technologies such as silicon extrusion, co-moulding, Overmolding, multi-shot, and clean room injection molding. With continued innovations and research, LegenDay remains a market leader in silicone product manufacturing.


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Keysight and MediaTek Achieve 5G Connection Based on 3GPP Release 17 and RedCap Technology

Keysight Technologies | December 01, 2022

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that MediaTek has used Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solutions to establish connectivity to its 5G chips using the 3GPP 5G Release 17 (Rel-17) and the 5G reduced capability (RedCap) specifications. Through its collaboration with Keysight, MediaTek successfully established a 5G Rel-17 data call on its Dimensity 5G chipsets. This will allow MediaTek to accelerate the deployment of new Rel-17 5G features including reduced power use, and enhanced MIMO capability. Keysight’s network emulation platform also enabled MediaTek to validate RedCap connectivity on its 5G chips. The 5G RedCap specification introduces support for wireless devices with reduced 5G capabilities. These devices are less complex, lower cost, and consume less power, allowing them to address new use cases such as industrial sensors and wearables. Keysight's 5G wireless network emulators and device test solutions enable the entire mobile device ecosystem to accelerate the market introduction of new wireless devices by streamlining the workflow from early prototyping, development, and design verification to conformance, carrier acceptance, and high-volume manufacturing. These tools continue to rapidly evolve to keep pace with 5G market leaders offering unmatched breadth and depth of coverage. “We are pleased to continue working with MediaTek on advancing 3GPP Release 17 technologies and RedCap, which is the latest 5G NR standard to unleash new use cases to the wider IoT market and wearable devices beyond the traditional smartphone use cases. It’s exciting to collaborate with MediaTek to accelerate the deployment of the latest 5G technology at the pace of their go-to-market plans.” -Peng Cao, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight’s Wireless Test group. Dr. Ho-Chi Hwang, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnerships at MediaTek, said: MediaTek has been working with the Keysight 5G test platform for the latest Rel-15/16/17 standard to extend the technological advantage of our wide-ranging 5G products. The Keysight platform supports MediaTek's ability to develop industry-leading 5G modem platforms, which in turn enable a growing ecosystem of 5G device innovators. About Keysight Technologies: Keysight delivers advanced design and validation solutions that help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s dedication to speed and precision extends to software-driven insights and analytics that bring tomorrow’s technology products to market faster across the development lifecycle, in design simulation, prototype validation, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in enterprise, service provider and cloud environments. Our customers span the worldwide communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics markets. Keysight generated revenues of $5.4B in fiscal year 2022.

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Canvass AI Showcases AI Solutions for Steelmakers to Optimize Production and Reduce GHG Emissions

Canvass AI | November 22, 2022

Canvass AI, a leader in industrial AI-as-a-Service, will today detail and discuss its series of packaged AI solutions for the steel industry at the Artificial Intelligence and Steelmaking Summit. The Company will deliver a presentation on Leveraging Industrial AI to Increase Throughput in Steel Manufacturing at 12:00 pm November 22nd EST (17:00 GMT). "Canvass AI has worked very closely with steelmakers on maximizing throughput in steel production. The additional benefits, however, reducing energy costs, remelts, and GHG emissions, are what organizations are looking for most from AI and digital transformation – a road toward sustainability." -Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI. The session on Leveraging Industrial AI to Increase Throughput in Steel Manufacturing will cover: How a leading steel manufacturer is projecting an increase in throughput by over 10% within the first week of using the Canvass AI platform Key considerations on how to successfully apply industrial AI in operations How the Canvass AI platform predicts optimal throughput speed for common steel-making processes, such as annealing, to maximize productivity without jeopardizing quality Canvass AI's packaged AI solutions for the steel industry are designed to capture institutional knowledge and include: Process Suite that reduces raw material costs, improves quality and reduces waste; Net-Zero Suite™ that optimizes water use/reuse, waste reduction and minimizing GHG emissions without compromising production goals; and Asset Suite that reduces energy costs and increases reliability with reduced downtime. About Steel Times International and the Artificial Intelligence and Steelmaking Summit The Artificial Intelligence and Steelmaking Summit is run by Steel Times International, which has served as the leading journal for the steel and iron manufacturing industries for over 150 years. About Canvass AI: Canvass AI is a leading software provider enabling industrial companies to exceed their operations and sustainability targets with patented industrial AI technology. Its AI-as-a-Service is designed to co-exist with existing technologies and empower workforces to achieve faster sustainable outcomes. Backed by Alphabet, and Yamaha Motor Ventures, Canvass AI is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Innovation Community, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, and is recognized by CB Insights as one of the world's top 50 technology companies that is advancing manufacturing.

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LION ELECTRIC | December 22, 2022

The Lion Electric Company, a leading manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles, today announced that it has completed production of its first lithium-ion battery pack at the company's battery manufacturing facility located in Mirabel, Quebec. Final certification of the first battery pack is expected in the first quarter of 2023, followed by a gradual ramp up of production in 2023. The first batteries produced in Mirabel will power the Lion5 truck and the LionAmbulance, expected to reach commercial production in the first half of 2023. "The production of our first battery pack out of our Mirabel battery facility is an important step for Lion and should, over time, bring with it a new level of optimization for product design and production efficiency, I am incredibly proud of our team for the continued advancement of this project, and I am very thankful to the Canadian and Quebec governments for their support in making it a reality." Yannick Poulin, Lion's Chief Operating Officer Lion's new Mirabel battery manufacturing facility, once fully operational, is expected to give the Company a key market advantage, with vertical integration providing more control of supply, technology advancement, and vehicle integration. Given the battery is typically the most expensive component of an electric vehicle, this new manufacturing capability should have a direct impact on Lion's development of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle platforms, while also offering important economic benefits. At full scale, Lion's battery manufacturing facility is expected to have an annual production capacity of five gigawatt-hours of battery capacity. The news comes as Lion has also recently celebrated the start of production at its U.S. vehicle manufacturing facility in Joliet, Illinois. ABOUT LION ELECTRIC Lion Electric is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. The company creates, designs and manufactures all-electric class 5 to class 8 commercial urban trucks and all-electric buses and minibuses for the school, paratransit and mass transit segments. Lion is a North American leader in electric transportation and designs, builds and assembles many of its vehicles' components, including chassis, battery packs, truck cabins and bus bodies. Always actively seeking new and reliable technologies, Lion vehicles have unique features that are specifically adapted to its users and their everyday needs. Lion believes that transitioning to all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements in our society, environment and overall quality of life.

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Amcor investment in PulPac fiber technology to accelerate global deployment of innovative paper packaging

Amcor | November 09, 2022

Amcor (NYSE: AMCR, ASX:AMC), a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has announced its investment of US$3 million in PulPac, a Swedish company providing disruptive manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-performance fiber-based packaging. Amcor is one of several strategic investors in a cross-industry alliance aimed at driving the deployment of PulPac's technology globally. PulPac is a pioneering, innovation-led company focused on developing its dry-molded fiber technology for use as a viable, sustainable option for the packaging industry. This solution uses raw materials readily found globally, manufactured using an innovative process that requires significantly less resources, which reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, compared to existing processes. This cross-industry investment will support PulPac's global commercialization ambitions, enabling the company to deploy its solutions across markets and provide the potential for applications in Amcor's own product ranges. The alliance with PulPac and investment into its fiber technology also follow the launch of the AmFiberTM platform earlier this year, through which Amcor aims to redefine the capabilities of traditional paper packaging, and build upon Amcor's extensive experience in paper and carton packaging. "Amcor is committed to developing solutions that meet the needs of our customers, consumers and the environment. Amcor's investment in PulPac will help to accelerate the global rollout of this innovative technology, and well as support research into its suitability for future applications. -Frank Lehmann, vice president of Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation at Amcor. Using PulPac's dry-molded fiber technology, the shape of products can be optimized for a wide variety of applications, including some that have traditionally not been able to employ a viable sustainable option. "With the backing and support of such world-class partners including Amcor, we'll continue to grow our offering and deploy our new packaging across the world. I look forward to working more with our partners and, through collaboration, providing solutions that are more sustainable." -Linus Larsson Green, co-founder and CEO of PulPac. Amcor is engaged in multiple start-up investment opportunities, supporting their journeys through the sharing of expertise from Amcor's own research and development teams, and exploring the potential for joint undertakings. Recent activity includes strategic investments into ePac Flexible Packaging and PragmatIC Semiconductors, together with seed-funding for two start-ups – Nfinite Nanotechnology and Bloom Biorenewables Ltd – as part of the Amcor Lift-Off initiative, through which seed-stage start-up companies can secure investment of $250,000 toward the development of innovative and sustainable technologies. About Amcor: Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal-care, and other products. Amcor works with leading companies around the world to protect their products and the people who rely on them, differentiate brands, and improve supply chains through a range of flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services. The company is focused on making packaging that is increasingly lighter weight, recyclable and reusable, and made using an increasing amount of recycled content. In fiscal year 2022, 44,000 Amcor people generated $15 billion in annual sales from operations that span 220 locations in 43 countries.

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