Improving Swab Effectiveness Using 3D Printing

Metal and carbon fiber 3D printer manufacturer Markforged is partnering with Neurophotometrics to produce Fiberflex Rayon, a 3D printed nasopharyngeal swab for use in diagnostic testing for COVID-19. The team is currently producing 10,000 swabs per day, with plans to scale to 100,000 per day. Identifying COVID-19 infected patients is the best way to slow down the spread of the disease, but we’re seeing a lot of issues with wide-scale testing, said Greg Mark, CEO and founder of Markforged. There are massive shortages of nasal swabs and to make matters worse, hospitals are reporting false negatives with the current swabs on the market. In a collaborative effort by the San Diego Covid Research Enterprise Network Initiative - a group of scientists, students, research institutions, and others in the San Diego area - Neurophotometrics, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, the Scripps Research Institute, and the University of California San Diego designed and tested the 3D printed swabs with fifty volunteers.


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Lean Manufacturing

Adcole Improves OptiShaft Product Line for Accuracy and Precision

Adcole LLC | October 13, 2023

Adcole LLC, a global leader in precision measurement solutions, has launched an enhanced version of its OptiShaft product line, featuring improvements in accuracy, repeatability, extended capacity, and faster results. The enhanced OptiShaft product line is available for purchase globally. Adcole's OptiShaft product line leverages advanced measurement algorithms and proprietary optical technology, resulting in exceptional accuracy and precision. Rigorous testing ensures enhanced repeatability, even in high-volume production settings. The machines now offer a 1.2-meter length capacity and faster scanning speeds. The user interface and software have been improved for a more efficient and intuitive experience. Enhanced data handling capabilities facilitate seamless integration with quality control systems and Industry 4.0 initiatives. This advancement addresses the evolving needs of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and precision shaft manufacturing, where precision measurement is critical. The improvements include: Exceptional Accuracy: Improved measurement algorithms and proprietary optical technology ensure unparalleled accuracy. Enhanced Repeatability: Rigorous testing and fine-tuning lead to consistent and dependable measurements. Extended Capacity: The machines now offer a remarkable 1.2-meter length capacity, enabling measurement of longer and more complex shafts and precision components. Enhanced Scanning Efficiency: Improved linear scanning speeds, quicker rotational scan measurements, and more efficient data processing Upgraded Software and User-Friendly Interface: Boasts a more intuitive user interface, streamlining measurement setup, operation, and analysis, and offering an expanded feature set for enhanced measurement capabilities. Streamlined Data Management: Equipped with advanced data handling capabilities, it ensures seamless integration with existing quality control systems and Industry 4.0 initiatives. The enhanced OptiShaft product line empowers customers to achieve higher levels of precision in their manufacturing processes. It provides improved accuracy, repeatability, and the ability to measure longer components, all of which contribute to increased productivity and cost savings. About Adcole LLC Adcole LLC, a prominent figure in precision measurement solutions, operates on a global scale, offering pioneering metrology systems and services to diverse industries across the world. Its storied history in the domain of shaft metrology spans over 50 years, testifying to its unwavering commitment to advancing measurement technology. Adcole's primary objective revolves around expanding the horizons of measurement technology to empower its clientele in attaining the utmost levels of quality and productivity.

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Manufacturing Technology

Eyelit Introduces v7.0 of its Industry-Leading Manufacturing Technology Platform

EIN Presswire | October 06, 2023

The Eyelit Group, developer of the fastest-growing MES software platforms in the market, today announced the release of Eyelit v7.0, anchored by Eyelit Insights and Eyelit Central modules that will lead to immediate performance gains. The new release, including improvements in user experience, analytics, and device/machine connectivity, extends the platform to benefit manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Eyelit v7.0 represents an acceleration in the roadmap to grow category leadership through performance-focused enhancements and the addition of AI, machine learning, automation, and device/machine integration capabilities. Leading US-based semiconductor manufacturers use Eyelit software to run their manufacturing, counting on its precision support for the complexities of their processes. In Eyelit v7.0, manufacturing and operations leaders will immediately realize new value from the embedding of Microsoft® Power BI to enable self-service analytics to track and assess key metrics such as On-Time Delivery (OTD), Production Schedule Attainment, and Total Cycle Time, among the 80+ KPIs recorded with high precision. New central integration of multiple instances and device management, offered through a state-of-the-art user experience (UX), will unlock additional advances in performance and efficiency. “We’re excited for the new value creation our customers will realize through the comprehensive new capabilities in Eyelit v7.0” said Mark Carleton, CEO of Eyelit Group. “Our engineering teams have added in all the top-requested capabilities, innovated in analytics and user experience, and brought this all together in a rigorously-tested release that is ready for the high demands of the world’s leading manufacturers. Eyelit Group’s relentless focus on performance is woven throughout and a key reason our two manufacturing software platforms – Eyelit and MESTEC – are the fastest-growing in the market.” Eyelit v7.0 is available immediately and can be deployed rapidly for existing customers, with minimal disruption and effort. To learn more, customers can connect with the Eyelit team or visit to see video demonstrations and a detailed description of the major enhancements across Eyelit v7.0. About Eyelit and MESTEC Joined together in the Eyelit Group, Eyelit and MESTEC are the two fastest-growing manufacturing software platforms, deployed by many of the world’s most valuable and innovative manufacturers across an ever-expanding range of industries including aerospace & defense, battery technology, electronics, medical device, semiconductor, and solar energy. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions, including Asset Management, Factory and Equipment Integration (Automation/IoT), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Recipe Management, Quality Management, and Business Process Management. These solutions enable customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes. MESTEC, the pioneer in SaaS for manufacturing, helps leading manufacturers achieve advanced planning and scheduling, asset performance management, quality and compliance, manufacturing KPIs, inventory control and labor management. Through its SaaS cloud platform, MESTEC platform updates and improvements are delivered rapidly, with no up-front costs and fast-track deployment.

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3D Printing

3D Systems Insources Two Production Printer, Simplifies Production

3D Systems | September 15, 2023

3D Systems has completed its strategic initiative to insource the manufacturing of two key printer platforms, metal and polymer production printers, transferring this activity from two electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partners. This move empowers 3D Systems to control the entire manufacturing process, from design to production, with the aim of delivering high-quality, innovative products to its customers. The insourcing activities occurred in France, Riom, and Rock Hill, South Carolina. The company now controls the entire manufacturing process, from design to production, to provide customers with innovative, high-quality products. In addition, with this enhanced manufacturing process control, 3D Systems has matched or enhanced production quality and decreased lead times to meet customer demand. By bringing manufacturing in-house, 3D Systems can now offer products of superior quality and innovation to its customers. This strategic shift enables 3D Systems to strengthen quality control, reduce manufacturing cycle times, and expedite the introduction of new products to enhance customer satisfaction by shortening lead times, increasing product support, and allowing process customization to meet unique customer needs. President & CEO of 3D Systems, Dr. Jeffrey Graves, remarked, We’re pleased to achieve this major milestone which is catalyzing our ability to deliver enhanced quality, and pioneering innovation for our customers. We began our insourcing initiative last year by consolidating the production of multiple polymer 3D printing platforms into our Rock Hill, South Carolina facility. [Source: GlobeNewswire] He emphasized that, since undertaking this initiative last year, lead times have shortened each quarter, and they believe that this activity, in conjunction with other actions, puts them on the path to reduce overall inventory by over 20% in 2024. Dr. Graves stated that they have experienced dramatic improvements in both quality and cost, as well as the ability to accelerate the introduction of new products to meet the market’s continuously evolving needs, while the decision to insource is helping them to better utilize the assets and internal resources, reducing costs that align with their financial commitments to shareholders. About 3D Systems 3D Systems, a pioneer in the field of 3D printing, offers additive manufacturing solutions, delivering innovation, performance, and dependability in every interaction. Its mission is to enable consumers to realize previously inconceivable products and business models. 3D Systems provides application-specific solutions that leverage the knowledge of their application engineers by providing a comprehensive array of hardware, software, materials, and services. These engineers work closely with consumers to revolutionize the way in which the company delivers its products and services. The solutions of 3D Systems appeal to advanced applications in various sectors.

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Manufacturing Technology

Suniva Upgrades Manufacturing and Restarts Operations in Georgia

Business Wire | October 17, 2023

Suniva, Inc., the largest U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells today announced the upgrade, expansion and restart of operations of its solar cell manufacturing facility in Norcross, Georgia. The first phase of expansion will create up to 240 full-time jobs and increase Suniva’s manufacturing capacity to 1GW, with production expected to begin by Spring of 2024. A second phase of expansion will further increase annual production capacity up to 2.5GW. Earlier in 2023, Suniva secured a $110 million financing commitment from Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC) to fund its expansion and signed a multi-year supply agreement of UFLPA-compliant wafers. New, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment will enable Suniva to supply its customers high-efficiency American-made solar cells suitable for ground-mounted and rooftop applications. Since 2007, Suniva has been a leader in solar cell technology development and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act and its Domestic Content provisions, as issued, provide a strong foundation for continued solar cell technology development and manufacturing in the United States,” said Cristiano Amoruso, Chief Executive Officer and Suniva Board member. “We look forward to engaging with our customers to satisfy their demand for a reliable source of U.S. made cells. “The solar cell is the essential component in solar energy generation. Today’s announcement is the first step in rebuilding solar cell manufacturing in the United States, which will bolster our country’s energy independence and security,” said Matt Card, President and Chief Operating Officer of Suniva. “This next chapter in Suniva’s story builds upon those successes while contributing to the goal of a robust, self-sufficient solar supply chain for our country.” Ethan Shoemaker, Investment Partner and Head of Infra Credit at OIC, added, “We are excited to partner with Suniva, a pioneer in the domestic solar industry. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Suniva for choosing to partner with OIC.” About Suniva Suniva is the leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The company is known for its high-quality products, industry-leading technology, reliability, and high-power density. Headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, Suniva sells its advanced PV cells globally. For additional information on how Suniva is rebuilding America’s energy independence, visit About Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC) With approximately $3.5 billion in assets under management, OIC invests in middle market businesses across the infrastructure and energy verticals in North America and select international markets. OIC was founded in 2015 and currently has a team of 42 professionals based in New York, Houston and London.

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