Fishbone Recyclable Can Carrier System Announces Atlantic Packaging

prnewswire | December 07, 2020

Atlantic Packaging reports the dispatch of a recyclable can transporter framework, Fishbone, to supplant plastic ring handles. The Fishbone drink transporter is a curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and execution tried item that will take out single utilize plastic from refreshment bundling.

Single use plastics are a known danger to our current circumstance, creating a great many huge loads of pointless waste each year that advances into our waters and separates into microplastics. These microplastics disturb whole biological systems and cause extraordinary mischief to turtles, natural life, ocean winged creatures, and the marine life that ingests them.

Fishbone replaces single use plastics with paper-based can transporters that utilization fundamentally less material than full overwrap paperboard containers. Fishbone transporters are accessible for standard jars just as Alumi-Tek bottles in both 4-pack and 6-pack arranges and are fixed with a recyclable, compostable water-based boundary covering for dampness opposition. Fishbone would carriers be able to arrive in an assortment of choices intended to supplement any brand and to convey the brand's obligation to manageability. Custom printing and illustrations are additionally a possibility for interesting marking openings on the transporter.


The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.

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Robotics and Automation

Shapeways Advances in Multi-Million-Dollar Auto Sector

Shapeways | September 25, 2023

Shapeways Holdings, a prominent player in the digital manufacturing industry, has announced substantial growth in its multi-million-dollar automotive sector, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) segment. The company's Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions division has secured a contract valued at over a quarter of a million dollars, reinforcing Shapeways' commitment to the EV and automotive industries. According to MarketsandMarkets Research, the electric vehicle market is projected to reach $951.9 billion by 2030, with significant growth in the commercial EV sector. The growth and expansion are taking place within the automotive and electric vehicle sectors on a global scale. Shapeways has secured a contract worth over $250,000, highlighting its continued expansion in the automotive and EV industries. It is focused on manufacturing high-performance parts for electric vehicles, aligning with the industry's shift toward sustainability. The company’s Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions division specializes in providing advanced manufacturing solutions to various industries, including automotive. The company's recent contract underscores its dedication to supporting sustainable transportation by manufacturing critical components for commercial, large-scale electric delivery vehicles. GM of Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions at Shapeways, Aidan O’Sullivan, remarked, “We share our clients' vision for the production of quality, high-performance parts, and this commitment becomes more visible in our growing portfolio within the EV sector.” [Source: GlobeNewswire] Shapeways is capitalizing on the growing demand for electric vehicles and aims to play a vital role in manufacturing essential components for this burgeoning market. The company's expertise in enterprise-level manufacturing and advanced technologies positions it as a key player in the automotive, medical, robotics, and other sectors. The electric vehicle market is experiencing rapid growth, and Shapeways is actively contributing to this industry by manufacturing critical parts for electric delivery vehicles. Sales Director, Automotive Vertical at Shapeways, John Tenbusch, remarked, “This new contract underscores our dedication to advancing sustainable transportation. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, we're ensuring, our technological capabilities translate to real-world impact." [Source: GlobeNewswire] About Shapeways Shapeways is a global leader in digital manufacturing, where it seamlessly merges additive and traditional technologies with proprietary software solutions tailored for manufacturers and their clientele. This strategic approach serves to reduce costs and enhance supply chain efficiency. Collaborating with a multitude of companies involved in industrial sectors such as automotive, medical, transportation, aerospace, and defense, Shapeways assists in expanding their operations tackling intricate product development challenges.

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Additive Manufacturing

Desktop Metal Launches Live Monitor™ for Users of Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Production Technology

Business Wire | October 04, 2023

Desktop Metal, Inc., a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, today announced the launch of Live Monitor™ — a software application that provides useful real-time data from printing systems to improve efficiency and management of one printing system or a full fleet. Part of the Live Suite™ package of exclusive software offerings from Desktop Metal, Live Monitor provides easy access to system data from any web browser at any time. The new offering has helpful dashboards to manage a fleet or drill down on printer or furnace performance in ways that assist capacity planning, maintenance management, and more. Real-time information includes job and event status, time reporting, and consumable usage, among other key metrics. “At Desktop Metal, we’re committed to driving additive manufacturing into production, and Live Monitor is a vital tool for managing a single productive printing system, such as a Shop System and Furnace, or an entire fleet,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “Our goal is to help users improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to optimize their utilization and scale their business with ease.” Italy-based Aidro, a pioneer in the volume production of next-generation hydraulic and fluid power systems through metal AM and traditional manufacturing technologies, has been a beta tester of Live Monitor for its Desktop Metal Shop System and Furnace for the past year. “Live Monitor is an essential tool for keeping the most important process variables under control and giving customers with critical parts, such as those in the energy industry, visibility and traceability of AM part production,” said Valeria Tirelli, President and CEO of Aidro, a subsidiary of Desktop Metal. Aidro will be exhibiting at ADIPEC, a global energy industry event, to be held in Abu Dhabi today through Oct. 5 in Booth M1 of the Manufacturing and Industrialization Hall. “The variables are visible, customizable, and recordable and this is the basis for having a qualified process. Thanks also to this tool, DNV has awarded Aidro AM manufacturer certification in accordance with the DNV-ST-B203 standard. Compared to other systems, Live Monitor can be customized in a simple and efficient way depending on the specific needs of the user.” An optional add-on feature in Live Suite, Live Monitor will be offered to users of the Studio, Shop, and Production System printers, along with Desktop Metal branded furnaces. The feature will also be rolled out in the future to users of other Desktop Metal and Team DM equipment sold under the ExOne, Desktop Health, and ETEC brands. About Desktop Metal Desktop Metal is driving Additive Manufacturing 2.0, a new era of on-demand, digital mass production of industrial, medical, and consumer products. Our innovative 3D printers, materials, and software deliver the speed, cost, and part quality required for this transformation. We’re the original inventors and world leaders of the 3D printing methods we believe will empower this shift, binder jetting and digital light processing. Today, our systems print metal, polymer, sand and other ceramics, as well as foam and recycled wood. Manufacturers use our technology worldwide to save time and money, reduce waste, increase flexibility, and produce designs that solve the world’s toughest problems and enable once-impossible innovations.

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Manufacturing Technology

Advantive Expands Assembly Manufacturing Solutions Through Acquisition of Proplanner

PRWeb | September 27, 2023

Advantive, a mission-critical software provider for specialty manufacturing and distribution businesses, announced today its acquisition of Proplanner, a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This acquisition further advances Advantive's commitment to driving innovation in the manufacturing and distribution lifecycle. As the only assembly-focused PLM system available in the market today, Proplanner is trusted by many leading names in aerospace, automotive, agriculture, and construction to help manage assembly line manufacturing, generate detailed work instructions, track the location of parts, and improve shop floor layout and efficiency. This acquisition adds expertise and elevates Advantive's capabilities across the assembly space while helping customers organize manufacturing data, prevent errors, and reduce costs. "Today marks a significant milestone for Advantive as we embrace the future of manufacturing technology," said Benoit de la Tour, CEO of Advantive. "With Proplanner's cutting-edge solutions and expertise, we are well-positioned to revolutionize the PLM space and bring unmatched value to our customers. This acquisition strengthens our resolve and brings Advantive to the forefront of innovation, and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead." The Proplanner Assembly PLM solution features three technology platforms designed to increase efficiency: Assembly Planner, Shop Floor MES, and Flow Planner. Embraced by customers in heavy manufacturing, Proplanner complements Advantive's existing suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MES, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) software by adding elements of analysis, tracking, and optimization to human-enabled product assembly. With the addition of Proplanner, Advantive now covers every dimension of complex manufacturing processes – from planning and execution, to assembly, quality, warehousing, transportation, and more. "We are thrilled to become part of Advantive's vision for the future," said Dave Sly, Proplanner CEO. "By joining forces with Advantive, we are excited to bring a synergistic suite of manufacturing solutions and value-generating software to our customers. Together, we will set new industry standards for efficiency and productivity." About Advantive Advantive is a leading provider of mission-critical software for specialty manufacturing and distribution companies, offering purpose-built ERP, MES, and SPC software solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Serving over 5,000 customers and operating in 14 countries, Advantive's software solutions streamline complex processes, optimize operations visibility and throughput, and drive improved quality, profitability, and revenue growth. Deeply embedded into key end-to-end workflows, Advantive's software uses automation, seamless integration, and real-time data to streamline plant scheduling, order management, quality control, sales order forecasting and pricing, ecommerce, and delivery – making the complex, simple.

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Accruent Eases Manufacturing Ops with Centralized Asset Management

Accruent | September 13, 2023

Accruent, a leading provider of intelligent solutions for the built environment, has announced the full integration of its Maintenance Connection CMMS with the Meridian engineering document management system (EDMS) and vx Observe IoT platforms. This integration marks a significant step in Accruent's commitment to enhancing efficiency and collaboration among operations, maintenance, and engineering teams in the manufacturing industry while ensuring compliance. Chief Product Technology Officer at Accruent, Richard Leurig, remarked, We are excited to introduce this transformative integration that exemplifies our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and regulatory compliance. [Source: GlobeNewswire] He added that by integrating seamlessly the Maintenance Connection, Meridian, and vx Observe, they empower their customers with a comprehensive solution that boosts their operational efficiency and helps them navigate the complexities of regulatory standards. This empowers maintenance teams to efficiently manage asset documentation, access IoT data, and achieve compliance with industry standards, ultimately improving operational efficiency. Traditionally, users of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) faced challenges when switching between CMMS platforms and engineering document management or IoT software. This often led to inefficiencies and difficulties in accessing critical documents on-site. By integrating Accruent's EDMS and IoT solutions with Maintenance Connection CMMS, a centralized platform is created. This enables maintenance teams to effortlessly access, visualize, update, and review all asset documentation from a single location, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing technician efficiency. The IoT integration also provides easy access to energy and remote monitoring for early detection and resolution of potential asset failures. Accruent's integration solutions are designed to streamline operations in manufacturing industries, benefiting organizations worldwide. This integration aligns with Accruent's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and regulatory compliance. These integrations are part of a broader initiative to help organizations achieve compliance under 21 CFR part 11. Accruent's dedication to providing cutting-edge technologies underscores its commitment to helping organizations succeed and address industry-specific challenges in the manufacturing sector. About Accruent Accruent is globally renowned as the foremost provider of software solutions that unify the built environment. Their comprehensive offerings encompass workplace management, asset management, and both physical and digital applications. Accruent is at the forefront of redefining how organizations harness data to revolutionize facility and asset management practices. It provides solutions to a customer base of over 5,000 organizations spanning industries in more than 150 countries.

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The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.