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BMW Partners Desktop Metal for Reduced Emission, Uses Binder Jetting


Desktop Metal, a global leader in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, has released a video highlighting how the BMW Group employs ExOne binder jet 3D printers for the serial production of powertrain components.

The use of binder jet 3D printing for casting applications is a sustainable choice, with advantages like reduced waste, cost-efficiency, and flexibility in materials. It aligns with efforts to minimize environmental impact and reduce emissions.

BMW and ExOne, a brand under Desktop Metal, have collaborated for over two decades on various project developments. The automaker currently utilizes four ExOne Exerial binder jet 3D printing systems to produce water jacket cores for metalcasting in serial production. These systems operate continuously at high speeds, with two more slated for delivery. The setup includes a microwave, a desanding station, and a fully automated conveyor system, ensuring high-accuracy parts.

The key points to be noted from this video release are:

  • Desktop Metal's ExOne digital casting brand manufactures binder jet 3D printers for sand castings.
  • BMW Landshut uses a fleet of four ExOne 3D printers for serial production of cores made with inorganic compounds that produce no aromas or emissions.
  • Binder injection technology from ExOne enables the delivery of complex designs for cast aluminum powertrain components.

Binder jetting is employed in this process, where an industrial printhead deposits a binder selectively into a bed of powder materials, creating a solid part layer by layer. For sand casting, the sand part is removed and used in a mold package for casting molten metal. This technology is favored for its speed, minimal waste, cost-efficiency, and material flexibility, making it an environmentally sustainable production method.

The partnership showcases how advanced manufacturing technologies, like binder jet 3D printing, are used to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the production of critical automotive components. The technology's ability to produce parts with high accuracy at high speeds makes it a valuable asset in the automotive manufacturing process.

About Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing 2.0 in a new era characterized by on-demand, digital mass production of industrial, medical, and consumer goods. Its innovative 3D printers, software, and materials suite are engineered to meet the speed, cost efficiency, and part quality demands inherent to this transformative shift. Its systems can 3D print various materials, including polymer, metal, ceramics, foam, sand, and recycled wood. It streamlines operations, minimizes waste, reduces costs, enhances adaptability, and brings designs that tackle some of the intricate challenges to life.


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Manufacturing Technology

Eyelit Introduces v7.0 of its Industry-Leading Manufacturing Technology Platform

EIN Presswire | October 06, 2023

The Eyelit Group, developer of the fastest-growing MES software platforms in the market, today announced the release of Eyelit v7.0, anchored by Eyelit Insights and Eyelit Central modules that will lead to immediate performance gains. The new release, including improvements in user experience, analytics, and device/machine connectivity, extends the platform to benefit manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Eyelit v7.0 represents an acceleration in the roadmap to grow category leadership through performance-focused enhancements and the addition of AI, machine learning, automation, and device/machine integration capabilities. Leading US-based semiconductor manufacturers use Eyelit software to run their manufacturing, counting on its precision support for the complexities of their processes. In Eyelit v7.0, manufacturing and operations leaders will immediately realize new value from the embedding of Microsoft® Power BI to enable self-service analytics to track and assess key metrics such as On-Time Delivery (OTD), Production Schedule Attainment, and Total Cycle Time, among the 80+ KPIs recorded with high precision. New central integration of multiple instances and device management, offered through a state-of-the-art user experience (UX), will unlock additional advances in performance and efficiency. “We’re excited for the new value creation our customers will realize through the comprehensive new capabilities in Eyelit v7.0” said Mark Carleton, CEO of Eyelit Group. “Our engineering teams have added in all the top-requested capabilities, innovated in analytics and user experience, and brought this all together in a rigorously-tested release that is ready for the high demands of the world’s leading manufacturers. Eyelit Group’s relentless focus on performance is woven throughout and a key reason our two manufacturing software platforms – Eyelit and MESTEC – are the fastest-growing in the market.” Eyelit v7.0 is available immediately and can be deployed rapidly for existing customers, with minimal disruption and effort. To learn more, customers can connect with the Eyelit team or visit to see video demonstrations and a detailed description of the major enhancements across Eyelit v7.0. About Eyelit and MESTEC Joined together in the Eyelit Group, Eyelit and MESTEC are the two fastest-growing manufacturing software platforms, deployed by many of the world’s most valuable and innovative manufacturers across an ever-expanding range of industries including aerospace & defense, battery technology, electronics, medical device, semiconductor, and solar energy. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions, including Asset Management, Factory and Equipment Integration (Automation/IoT), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Recipe Management, Quality Management, and Business Process Management. These solutions enable customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes. MESTEC, the pioneer in SaaS for manufacturing, helps leading manufacturers achieve advanced planning and scheduling, asset performance management, quality and compliance, manufacturing KPIs, inventory control and labor management. Through its SaaS cloud platform, MESTEC platform updates and improvements are delivered rapidly, with no up-front costs and fast-track deployment.

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Smart Factory

Draganfly Officially Launches its New Manufacturing and Production Facility in Saskatoon

GlobeNewswire | September 29, 2023

Draganfly Inc., award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions, and systems developer, is pleased to announce its new manufacturing and production facility in Saskatoon has officially opened and extend our gratitude to all our distinguished guests who celebrated this milestone with us. The Company is deeply honored that guests, including industry leaders, local officials, and valued partners, joined the ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official launch of this state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facility. The Saskatoon facility promises to enhance manufacturing capabilities, streamline assembly processes, support R&D capabilities, and optimize integration procedures to establish a fresh approach to efficiency and innovation. This facility will focus on meeting the rising demand for Draganfly’s UAV systems and components, such as the Heavy Lift, Commander 3 XL, Commander XL Hybrid, and its new Precision Delivery System. “We are proud that Draganfly’s world-leading drone solutions are being built in Saskatoon,” Minister of Trade and Export Development Jeremy Harrison said. “This state-of-the-art technology shows what’s possible when you have innovative, forward-thinking ideas, and a competitive business environment that helps you achieve them. This investment will further build and protect this province’s economic future.” "Inaugurating the Saskatoon facility marks a pivotal moment for Draganfly as we embark on a journey of elevated manufacturing standards. This facility is not just a promise but a testament to our unwavering commitment to meet the demand for our UAV systems and components,” said Cameron Chell, Draganfly CEO. About Draganfly Draganfly Inc. is the creator of quality, cutting-edge drone solutions, software, and AI systems that revolutionize how organizations can do business and service their stakeholders. Recognized as being at the forefront of technology for over 24 years, Draganfly is an award-winning industry leader serving the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, security, mapping, and surveying markets. Draganfly is a company driven by passion, ingenuity, and the need to provide efficient solutions and first-class services to its customers around the world with the goal of saving time, money, and lives.

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Industrial 4.0

Desktop Metal and Schaeffler to Collaborate on Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Material Powders, including Metals and Ceramics

Business Wire | October 27, 2023

Desktop Metal, Inc. a global leader in Additive Manufacturing 2.0 technologies for mass production of metal, ceramic, polymer, and health products, today announced that it is collaborating with Schaeffler AG, the German motion technology company, on additive manufacturing of multi-material powders, including metal and ceramics. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. Schaeffler is one of the leading global manufacturers of components and systems as well as bearing solutions. The motion technology company has a longstanding excellence in precision mechanical engineering and an innovative mindset open to integrate new production processes like metal multi-material printing. We’re excited to collaborate with the experienced team on next-generation multi-material additive manufacturing. Aerosint’s Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) technology has demonstrated spectacular potential for laser applications, and we both agree that Schaeffler has a nearer-term roadmap for commercializing it with laser-based systems than our binder jetting technology. We will retain an option to commercialize the technology with our systems in the future, and we look forward to developing this roadmap together. [Source:Business Wire] The startup will be renamed “Schaeffler Aerosint SA” and integrated into the Schaeffler Group as an additional location for Schaeffler Special Machinery, the Schaeffler Group’s special machine construction unit. Andreas Schick, Chief Operating Officer at Schaeffler AG, commented on the deal: “The expertise of Schaeffler Aerosint, combined with our high level of industrialization competence and decades of know-how in innovative production technologies, will give us a distinctive market advantage.” In addition, Schaeffler will continue its collaboration with Desktop Metal in multi-material solutions, including in the area of toolless manufacturing technologies. “By integrating this key future technology, Schaeffler Special Machinery, as a partner for production excellence, will be able to offer its customers a more diversified portfolio of systems, particularly for the manufacturing and medical technology sectors,” said Bernd Wollenick, Senior Vice President Schaeffler Special Machinery. About Desktop Metal Desktop Metal is driving Additive Manufacturing 2.0, a new era of on-demand, digital mass production of industrial, medical, and consumer products. Our innovative 3D printers, materials, and software deliver the speed, cost, and part quality required for this transformation. We’re the original inventors and world leaders of the 3D printing methods we believe will empower this shift, binder jetting and digital light processing. Today, our systems print metal, polymer, sand and other ceramics, as well as foam and recycled wood. Manufacturers use our technology worldwide to save time and money, reduce waste, increase flexibility, and produce designs that solve the world’s toughest problems and enable once-impossible innovations.

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Manufacturing Technology

Four US-Based Metal Fabrication Companies Join to Form Manufacturing and Fabrication Solutions Company, Caldera Manufacturing Group

Business Wire | October 25, 2023

In partnership with Lorraine Capital, four US-based industrial manufacturing companies – Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc., Fairlawn Tool, Inc., Laser Specialties, Inc., and Summit Storage Solutions – announced the formation of Caldera Manufacturing Group, a new manufacturing entity, which is now one of the largest and most comprehensive single-source solution providers within the manufacturing space. As part of and to guide the four companies through this merger, Caldera Manufacturing Group has hired longtime industry leader Mark Jurman, who brings more than 25 years of experience within the global industrial manufacturing space, as CEO. In this role, Jurman will be responsible for Caldera Manufacturing Group’s overall operations while establishing company goals and strategic direction for the newfound entity to not only maintain the success of the combined four companies but to expand on growing services and capabilities. We are thrilled to officially introduce Caldera Manufacturing Group to customers, as this well-diversified and strategically positioned company is poised to significantly impact a wide range of manufacturing customers and partners as well as their respective industries nationwide. By combining the deep industry expertise and extensive capabilities from each of the four business units, Caldera Manufacturing Group will help to reduce total costs and improve overall quality while raising the bar for an unmatched customer experience, said Mark Jurman, incoming CEO, Caldera Manufacturing Group. I’m eager to step into this leadership role as Caldera Manufacturing Group forges its path in the industry. I look forward to driving the new company forward from its infancy, meeting – and exceeding – the needs and expectations of our current and future customers. Separately, Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc., Fairlawn Tool, Inc., Laser Specialties, Inc., and Summit Storage Solutions were industry leaders in their respective sectors and industries. Together, they now offer customers and partners an unmatched set of comprehensive capabilities under this unified, rebranded solution. The four companies under Caldera Manufacturing Group will operate as usual; however, Caldera Manufacturing Group will continue to grow its network of facilities and capabilities, upgrading equipment and processes to today’s demanding standards for excellence in quality and competitiveness. Caldera Manufacturing Group will specialize in providing full service, unparalleled manufacturing, and fabrication solutions across a variety of industries, including aerospace, agricultural equipment, conventional and alternative energy, automotive, consumer products, construction, entertainment, military/defense, and recreational vehicles. Some of Caldera Manufacturing Group’s current capabilities include 2D sheet laser cutting, 3D tube laser cutting, bending and forming, centerless grinding, CNC turning and milling, manual and robotic welding, stamping, tubular bending, turret punching, batch and automated powder coating, and value-added assembly. Bringing an aligned yet varied range of capabilities and industry specialties will offer a unique set of opportunities and challenges for Caldera Manufacturing Group, and no one is better suited to lead these efforts than Mark Jurman, said Gary Romig, shareholder and former CEO of Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. With Mark at the helm, we’re confident Caldera Manufacturing Group can effortlessly navigate the ever changing fabricated metals industry space, positively impacting the marketplace for years to come. Throughout his career, Jurman has been at the forefront of implementing and executing new product road maps and strategies that have exponentially grown domestic and international markets and channels. Most recently, Jurman served as CEO for Dedoes Industries, a global leader in equipment for the automotive refinish market. He has also worked for companies, including Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company, Rheinmetall Automotive, Superwinch, and Novawinch. Alongside CEO Jurman, the leadership team will include COO Steve Mitchell and CFO Christine Staub. Romig, a shareholder and former owner and CEO of Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. and Lorraine Capital’s board of directors will also provide company oversight. Caldera Manufacturing Group will be headquartered in Reading, PA, at the current site of Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. About Caldera Manufacturing Group Established in 2023, Caldera Manufacturing Group is a metal manufacturing company group providing a single-source solution to customers across a variety of industries including but not limited to aerospace, agricultural equipment, conventional and alternative energy, automotive, consumer products, construction, entertainment, manufacturing, military/defense, and recreational vehicles. Representing more than 30 years of combined experience across its leadership team, Caldera Manufacturing Group consists of leading U.S.-based industrial manufacturing companies: Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc., Fairlawn Tool, Inc., Laser Specialties, Inc., and Summit Storage Solutions. For more information visit,

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