Beckwood to Build Two Custom Hydraulic Presses for WHK BioSystems

Beckwood Press | April 22, 2021

Beckwood Press Company, the main producer of custom water-driven and servo-electric presses, mechanization frameworks, and the Triform line of exactness shaping hardware were as of late granted an agreement to plan and construct two custom pressure driven presses for clinical agreement maker, WHK BioSystems.

The main press is a 110-ton 4-post pressure forming machine which will be utilized for R&D. It highlights 12"x12" warmed platens with a bed transport that incorporates a warmed form. The second is a bigger 1650-ton pressure shaping press which will be utilized for the creation of UHMW sheets. It highlights a day and a half" 60" warmed platens and a using pressurized water impelled bed transport which additionally incorporates a warmed form.

The two machines will highlight hot oil warming frameworks with temperature limits up to 500-deg. F. what's more, temperature resistances to inside +/ - 5-deg. F. They additionally incorporate custom shape outlines with radiators just as Beckwood's exclusive PressLink distant help module for quick, simple investigating.

"Throughout the most recent five years, we've seen an emotional expansion popular for hardware to create UHMW as its utilization ventured into the clinical, aviation, and guard areas," said Caleb Dixon, deals engineer at Beckwood. "In light of this need, Beckwood has built up various press frameworks that are ideal for assembling UHMW sheets."

"To relieve lead times and tainting hazards related to the embed materials production network, we settled on the choice to bring UHMW sheet fabricating in-house inside our own Class 7 cleanroom climate," said Robert Klingel, Jr., President of WHK BioSystems. "With not many makers equipped for making UHMW parts for implantable clinical gadgets, we considered this to be a chance to add to our rundown of developing capacities for the clinical and life science networks."

About WHK Biosystems

Set up in 2012, WHK BioSystems is an agreement maker of single-use measure parts and congregations for the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, and clinical ventures. They are an FDA enlisted office and keep an ISO 13485:2016 ensured quality administration framework. WHK likewise offers Class 7 cleanrooms and controlled climate creation. Settled in Clearwater, FL, they offer a wide exhibit of assembling abilities including TPE and silicone infusion shaping, TPE expulsion, laser cutting, machining, gathering, 3D printing, and RF welding. Learn more at

About Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood Press Company is the main producer of pressure-driven and servo-electric presses, situated in St. Louis, MO - USA. Set up in 1976, they offer both norm and custom presses just as mechanization hardware for basically every industry and application, including a line of temperature-controlled presses for pressure embellishment and high-temperature hot framing/SPF applications. Beckwood additionally produces the Triform line of exactness farming gear and the EVOx line of servo-electric presses.


This video is about NVIDIA, HPE Edgeline and Apollo systems that help factories in leveraging AI Artificial Intelligence to identify real-time data patterns that people might miss. Deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is about enabling computers to learn new concepts from raw data - much like the human mind.

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SIGA launches in Luxembourg to support the OT cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and manufacturing hubs in Europe

SIGA | January 31, 2022

SIGA announces its European HQ in Luxembourg to rapidly scale SIGA's services for the cyber defence of national infrastructure and manufacturing facilities across Europe. SIGA will leverage its new Luxembourg office to expand its customer base and distribution networks with industrial automation and OT cybersecurity partners. SIGA joined the House of DeepTech Roundtable with the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and Chief Information Security leaders in Europe last week to trade notes on best practices and lessons learned internationally. "Moving beyond the network security layer to level zero is critical to the effective cyber risk governance of our manufacturing hubs and critical infrastructure. We welcome SIGA into Luxembourg and to accelerate the company's impact across the European Union." -Francois Thill, Ministry of Economy, Director of Cybersecurity and Digital The global cybersecurity market, valued at USD 183.34 billion in 2020, has a CAGR of 11.6% from 2021-to 2030. Analysts predict it to reach USD 539.78 billion by 2030 (Research and Markets, Oct 6, 2021). Luxembourg was a natural choice for SIGA's European headquarters, as it was recently voted second most inclusive economy globally and second in the world for market access and infrastructure. The accelerating pace of cyber attacks on infrastructure poses greater public safety and economic risks to industry and the public and forces CISOs to anticipate a third-party risk. Accidents can be as catastrophic as attacks, as Chernobyl demonstrated so well. The high effectiveness of level zero detection of incipient attacks and accidents adds unique value to the cyber risk governance stack. As for every system connected to the Internet, CISOs must adequately secure their industrial control systems. Yet industrial physical processes are often overlooked in this mission because they are tied to legacy mission-critical systems and depend heavily on low-level sensor/actuator infrastructure. SIGA's mission in Europe is to expand its footprint to secure the integrity of critical OT processes by delivering AI-enhanced monitoring and in-depth operational situational awareness. SIGA's unique machine-learning-based solution is designed to monitor the most reliable level of process data within any operational environment, the physical layer, and detect anomalies that indicate cyberattacks or operational faults. Through SIGA's Incipient Failure Detection solution, SigaGuard, the company mission is to secure the integrity of critical OT physical processes by delivering AI-enhanced monitoring and uncovering in-depth operational perception for secure, safe, productive & continuous operation. SIGA's technology incorporates a comprehensive process anomaly detection system that monitors critical assets using LEVEL 0 ICS electrical signals-based predictive analysis and artificial intelligence. It is an autonomous and intelligent "out-of-band" solution and cannot be hacked or manipulated. "SIGA selected Luxembourg as our strategic gateway to the European Union. With the support of our partners at the House of DeepTech and the Ministry, we can accelerate our R&D development, investments, and commercial scale." - Amir Samilioff, CEO of SIGA OT Solutions. SIGA's investors include PureTerra Ventures, a Dutch fund that specialises in water and infrastructure investments, AWZ Ventures, SIBF, Moore Strategic Ventures, and a German electrical and control systems manufacturer, Phoenix Contact. In collaboration with its global industrial automation partners, SIGA will build on its global footprint of energy, oil and gas, water utilities, data centres, and heavy industrial and manufacturing clients. About SIGA OT Solutions SIGA OT Solutions is an Israeli OT Cybersecurity company providing critical infrastructure and industrial assets cybersecurity protection services. SIGA's technology incorporates a comprehensive process anomaly detection system that monitors critical assets using LEVEL 0 ICS electrical signals-based AI.

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ADDING MULTIMEDIA Danfoss Power Solutions and RISE™Robotics Collaborate on a New Innovation

RISE™ROBOTICS | May 16, 2022

Danfoss Power Solutions and RISE™Robotics announce they’ve signed a collaboration agreement to jointly validate and test a key innovation that has the potential to transform the heavy machinery market through electrification. Danfoss Power Solutions, a leading global supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as electric powertrain systems, and RISE™Robotics, a leading zero-emission heavy machinery company, have formalized their collaborative relationship. The two businesses have signed an agreement to work together to validate the latest electromechanical actuator technology from RISE™. This new partnership is an example of how both companies prioritize innovation and find new ways to meet the increasing demand for electrification solutions coming from current and prospective customers. “It’s an exciting opportunity to work with RISE™Robotics to accelerate the development of solutions that have the potential to create near-term, low-carbon options for our customers,” said Danfoss Power Solutions President Eric Alström. “We’re taking bold steps to battle climate change and help customers around the world decarbonize. Electrification is a critical enabler to the Green Transition, and we’re thrilled to be on this journey with RISE™.” “We are delighted to collaborate with Danfoss, Innovation isn’t for everyone, but at Danfoss, innovation is at the core of their DNA. Their speed of decision-making is electric. Their engineering and global manufacturing capabilities lead the way." RISE™Robotics CEO Arron Acosta The RISE™Cylinder (US Patent 11255416, patent pending: WO2019/014259) is a fluid-free, electromechanical alternative to hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment and machinery. It helps address the battery-electrification challenges inherent in hydraulic systems by delivering hydraulic-like forces at unprecedented efficiency, precision, speed, and weight. “RISE™’s unwavering dedication to commercializing scalable solutions enabled by advanced technology is the same pioneering spirit that has fueled Danfoss’ journey from startup to industry leader,” added Alström. “We look forward to working toward these goals together.” About Danfoss: Danfoss engineers advanced technologies that enable us to build a better, smarter and more efficient tomorrow. In the world’s growing cities, we ensure the supply of fresh food and optimal comfort in our homes and offices, while meeting the need for energy-efficient infrastructure, connected systems and integrated renewable energy. Our solutions are used in areas, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control and mobile machinery. Our innovative engineering dates back to 1933 and today Danfoss holds market-leading positions, employing 40,000 and serving customers in more than 100 countries. We are privately held by the founding family. Read more at About RISE™Robotics: Founded in 2011 by graduates of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), RISE™Robotics is a high-growth technology company backed by The Engine, a Tough Tech venture capital fund built by MIT, Greentown Labs, and Techstars. RISE™Robotics is leading the way to zero-emission heavy machinery by providing the world’s most efficient and productive alternative to hydraulics. Designed for medium and heavy-duty applications, RISE™Technology provides fuel, emissions, and sound reductions, improves productivity, and extends machine life.

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Nucor to Acquire Manufacturer of Steel Utility Structures

Nucor Corporation | June 08, 2022

Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Summit Utility Structures LLC and related company, Sovereign Steel Manufacturing LLC, producers of metal poles and other steel structures for utility infrastructure and highway signage. These companies will become part of a new business unit, Nucor Towers & Structures, serving the utility, transportation and telecommunication sectors. While the acquired companies are ideally suited to service the markets in the Northeast part of the U.S., Nucor's plan is to establish a nationwide footprint able to service all customers throughout North America. These acquisitions continue to position Nucor as the leader in steel and downstream steel products as part of our strategy to Grow the Core, Expand Beyond and Live Our Culture. These businesses fit well into the Expand Beyond part of our strategy to acquire companies who have a direct connection to our industry, offer significant growth opportunities and enhance Nucor's position as the leading manufacturing company in the metals industry, We intend to grow these businesses to become the preferred solutions provider for utility transmission towers, substations, telecommunication towers and highway signage structures." Leon Topalian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nucor Corporation. The market for utility infrastructure has been historically stable and is expected to enter a phase of accelerated growth due to the replacement of aging infrastructure, growth and migration of population, a focus on increasing electric grid reliability, and an increased penetration of renewable energy and energy storage. Additionally, the transition to 5G and the increased consumption of wireless data support strong market trends for telecommunication towers. The highway signage market is also continuing to see strength and is expected to benefit as departments of transportation begin to implement the recently signed federal infrastructure bill. These acquisitions create a new growth platform for our company to provide engineered solutions for utility infrastructure and construction projects. The markets for transmission and telecommunication towers are forecast to experience strong growth for decades, The creation of Nucor Towers & Structures strongly complements our plate capabilities while also adding a new dimension to our arsenal of value-added downstream products such as joists and deck, hollow structural section tubes, metal buildings, insulated metal panels, racking systems, piling and foundation solutions, and shortly, overhead doors." Chad Utermark, Executive Vice President of New Markets and Innovation. About Nucor Nucor and its affiliates are manufacturers of steel and steel products, with operating facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Products produced include: carbon and alloy steel -- in bars, beams, sheet and plate; hollow structural section tubing; electrical conduit; steel racking; steel piling; steel joists and joist girders; steel deck; fabricated concrete reinforcing steel; cold finished steel; precision castings; steel fasteners; metal building systems; insulated metal panels; steel grating; and wire and wire mesh. Nucor, through The David J. Joseph Company, also brokers ferrous and nonferrous metals, pig iron and hot briquetted iron / direct reduced iron; supplies ferro-alloys; and processes ferrous and nonferrous scrap. Nucor is North America's largest recycler.

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LLumin's IoT-enabled Software Reduces Downtime for Manufacturers by Nearly 40%

LLumin | January 19, 2022

Four out of every five companies experience unplanned downtime. And that downtime significantly impacts the bottom line in manufacturing—costing companies as much as $260,000 per hour according to Aberdeen Research. To combat downtime, something that's increasingly difficult in an economy with ongoing labor shortages and supply chain challenges, companies are turning to advanced technologies to minimize and reduce downtime, using machine learning and predictive analytics. That's why LLumin's findings from analysis across manufacturing customers reveal something so important: Based on historical customer data, their real-time machine analytics platform reduces downtime by nearly 40% within the first 12 months of going live in a facility. Not only that, LLumin's platform reduces customers' mean time to repair (MTTR) score—which measures the average time it takes to recover from a system failure—by nearly 20% within two years of implementing their CMMS platform. "We know firsthand from conversations with our customers that this platform delivers a lasting solution for curbing downtime—these numbers prove that it can help essentially any manufacturer concerned about equipment faltering, Monitoring machines in real-time and triggering preventive maintenance before a major issue arises is going to become an increasingly important part of how manufacturers thrive in the future." -LLumin CEO Ed Garibian. Minimizing downtime is crucial in sectors like the food and beverage industry—less downtime means less potential for spoilage, helping manufacturers run at optimum efficiency. LLumin's IoT-enabled solution provides proactive maintenance, which is a combination of preventative and predictive maintenance. Proactive maintenance supports time, usage, and condition-based maintenance approaches, all of which can be deployed simultaneously with LLumin. LLumin, a trusted CMMS partner for prominent food and beverage manufacturers like Sunny Delight Beverages, American Beverage Corporation, a2 Milk, and Miller Milling, and a provider for global brands like Rockwell Automation and Caterpillar, is committed to providing solutions that curb downtime and enhance safety in plants. About LLumin LLumin Inc., is redefining industrial automation by integrating real-time machine and operations data with business rules and policies to automatically trigger intelligent, predictive actions and outcomes. Using a "bias towards action" approach, LLumin moves beyond traditional Asset Management Solutions to provide customers with an intuitive, always-on, software solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing technology platforms.

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This video is about NVIDIA, HPE Edgeline and Apollo systems that help factories in leveraging AI Artificial Intelligence to identify real-time data patterns that people might miss. Deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is about enabling computers to learn new concepts from raw data - much like the human mind.