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ZMorph publishes materials library for additive and subtractive manufacturing

July 01, 2019 / TIA VIALVA

ZMorph, Polish manufacturer of the ZMorph VX multitool 3D printer, has published a Materials Library for professional users of additive and subtractive technologies. Listing the properties of 48 filaments, soft metals, hard plastics, wood derivatives, and composites, the library is designed to be a quick-reference document for use in workshops both in the factory and at home. All of the materials showcased in the library have been tested, and are suitable for use, on the VX Multitool 3D printer, which is capable of 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving. Though this makes the ZMorph Materials Library an invaluable resource for VX owners, the company also believes the document will find more general circulation among other 3D printer and CNC machine users. The ZMorph VX multitool 3D printer is compatible with Single Plastic Extruders and Dual Extruders with interchangeable toolheads to accommodate a wide range of materials. This also enables multi-material 3D printing features su...