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What can businesses learn from the way Aston Martin Red Bull Racing uses digital simulations?

February 19, 2020 / The Manufacturer

The high-octane sport of Formula One is a 200mph race for continuous development. For Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, that means executing more than 30,000 design and engineering changes a year – a feat made possible thanks to cutting-edge digital simulation and analytical tools. In Formula One, winning is as much about decision-making as it is about having the best drivers and vehicle on the day. Like manufacturers, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s ability to optimise and dynamically adapt their decision-making in real time is almost impossible without data. Since the 2005 Formula One season, the UK-based Team has racked up 62 wins and four double world championships, in part thanks to its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Data sits at the core of everything Aston Martin Red Bull Racing does, with every department and activity threaded together through what the Team refer to as their ‘digital backbone’.