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VW, AWS Collaborate on a Digital Marketplace to Push Digital Manufacturing

July 29, 2020 / Mark Brohan

VW is working with Amazon Web Services to build a marketplace for software applications designed to help the automaker’s factories, like the one pictured above, run faster and more efficiently.

Digital marketplaces are now in vogue as a place to bring business buyers and sellers together to research and purchase physical goods.

But Volkswagen AG, Europe’s biggest automotive manufacturer and the maker of VW, Audi  and other vehicles, also sees a digital marketplace as an ideal way to bring together buyers and sellers of software applications and move the entire process of digital manufacturing even further into the mainstream.

Volkswagen, in conjunction with Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon.com Inc., is building what it bills as the “ultimate app store” for industrial software applications. The store will make available from multiple automotive industry suppliers software apps designed to inc...