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Volkswagen Uses Automated Operations Planning to Increase Manufacturing Volume

May 20, 2020 / Matt Leonard

Before using the DSS tool, the facility relied on a manual process for determining what projects to outsource. The manual process took five hours per day, while the DSS averaged just under six minutes to compile a plan. The manual process also only accounted for a project's due date and resulted in lower personnel utilization and manufacturing volume.

The system was piloted for two months in the VPC. "As expected, the generated plans exhibited excellent quality and significantly increased the utilization of personnel and, thus, the internal manufacturing volume," the paper reads. Along with the due date, the tools had to consider two limits to the VPC's manufacturing capacity: the number of qualified works and the number of power-driven hoisting platforms used to lift vehicles by their frames.

The VPC builds about 4,000 prototype vehicles every year with about 1,400 employees. In recent years, the operation has seen higher demand as a res...