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TrakRap: Embracing industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry

March 11, 2019 / SEAN GALEA-PACE

With the importance of operating a sustainable business in an industry consistently experiencing technological change, it has become vital that companies embrace technology and introduce new systems in order to keep up with competitors. In particular, the manufacturing sector has heavily embraced technology with many companies undergoing a digital transformation.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TrakRap, Martin Leeming, believes that industry 4.0 is prioritized heavily at his company. It's massive for us. I suppose you can argue that we're unfortunate because we're coming into an already established industry of end of line packaging, he says. However, where we're fortunate is that because we're coming in late, we're able to start off digitally. We don't have any baggage and haven't got to try and transition from one to the other.