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Symphony IndustrialAI Takes over Savigent to Speed-Up Digital Factory and AI initiatives in Manufacturing

March 09, 2021 / Anusree Bhattacharya

Symphony IndustrialAI announced the acquisition of Savigent, the IIoT, and digital workflow orchestration leader. This acquisition aims further to advance Symphony IndustrialAI's leadership into plant and supply chain processes. The combination of Savigent connected factory and process optimization capabilities and Symphony IndustrialAI solutions based on its advanced EurekaAI technology platform. It will assist the process and discrete manufacturing customers significantly to develop process efficiency, quality, and energy consumption.

Customers do understand tremendous value through Savigent's easy and quick-connect disparate systems and equipment within factories. Through this, it will provide the required visibility to enable improved decision-making and drive costly variability and inefficiencies out of a vast array of manufacturing processes.

Symphony IndustrialAI further enhances Savigent's low-code platform, real-time IoT data capture, and work orchestration technologies with AI optimization technologies. This way, Savigent will drive additional value for Symphony IndustrialAI's existing condition monitoring, asset performance management, and predictive maintenance solutions. 

On this, Symphony IndustrialAI Chief Executive Officer Dominic Gallello mentioned that Savigent had experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. The combination of the Savigent process optimization platform and Symphony IndustrialAI's EurekaAI platform and solutions will augment value for Savigent customers in the future. Mutually, we will deliver additional optimization and analytics capabilities and hasten our global expansion. The solutions we can provide our customers, partners, and the industrial community are very persuasive."

In addition, Savigent CEO Dean Truitt continues saying that "the Savigent platform is a critical component in driving IT-OT convergence. It is because it provides the required visibility across manufacturing operations and delivers higher-value applications. The demand for solutions to transform manufacturing operations and achieve measurable benefits has never been better. "The potential to improve process operations through Symphony IndustrialAI technologies and AI capabilities is an essential component of next-generation digital manufacturing."

John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, further mentions that this is a tremendously exciting opportunity for both Savigent and Symphony IndustrialAI that will strengthen manufacturers' ability to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0. This combination will extensively extend Savigent's next-generation manufacturing operations capabilities into machine learning, AI, process optimization, and manufacturing materials."