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State-of-the-art in metrology for additive manufacturing

May 13, 2019 / Richard Leach

On day two of TCT Show 2019, 25th September, the University of Nottingham's Metrology department will take over the Tech stage for a session on metrology. Professor Richard Leach and members of his team will present the latest on technologies and practices. Here, Professor Leach discusses the latest trends.
From a metrology point of view, the extra level of design freedom offered by additive manufacturing (AM) with respect to subtractive techniques, results in an extra level of complexity in geometries to be measured; this is why there are so many developments in geometrical metrology for AM and why there are still unsolved measurement issues. These developments are the focus of this session.
Right now, the integrity of metal AM parts essentially made of fused powders is not equivalent to that achievable using more traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques. AM parts made from metal powders are commonly characterised by high surface roughness values and can suff...