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Rockwell Automation announces its OEM Partner Program Next Evolution

November 24, 2020 / pruthvi pawar

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's biggest organization devoted to mechanical computerization and advanced change, today reported the following development of its worldwide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner Program. The improved contribution currently gives expanded market access openings, rearrangements, and normalized item arrangement for makers, empowering members to completely use Rockwell Automation innovation.

Rockwell Automation works with OEMs (additionally alluded to as Machine and Equipment Builders) over the globe to configuration, create, and convey imaginative hardware with Rockwell Automation arrangements. Those OEMs that show a promise to utilize Rockwell Automation contributions over their portfolio, and afterward viably accomplice to make inventive answers for their clients are perceived as OEM Partners. The OEM Partner Program is intended to more readily adjust clients to accomplices and encourage expanded development through Rockwell Automation's innovation and area ability.

First settled in 2010, the OEM Partner Program currently incorporates very nearly 3,300 producers around the world. The most recent development of the program expands on the effective specialized driven connection between Rockwell Automation and its part organizations, and now fuses significantly more prominent arrangement to all the more likely position OEMs as conveyance accomplices of Rockwell Automation items.
“The right OEM is critical to the success of a manufacturing operation,” said Dan Throne, OEM manager for North America at Rockwell Automation. “Customers need innovative machines that easily integrate into their operations. They require flexible and efficient equipment that increases business agility, optimizes productivity, and can turn mined data into working information capital. OEM Partners embrace this thinking and use Rockwell Automation technology and expertise to bring it to life.”

Aagard, an American-based engineering company that builds custom packaging automation systems, has been an OEM Partner for eight years.

“Rockwell Automation’s OEM Program has opened up many strategic opportunities, both from a technology perspective as well as identifying new unfilled niches with end-users.” said Jason Norlien, vice president of technical sales at Aagard. “Rockwell Automation has proven to be a true partner and our brand association has positioned ourselves as a premier player in the packaging sector offering real value to customers.”

Seat noticed that the OEM Partner Program has kept on advancing dependent on both the developing necessities of clients and program member criticism. Upgrades to the program include:

Co-Marketing and Information Sharing. A hearty co-showcasing stage for OEM clients to use data, industry contextual analyses, and triumphs with items to profit the network on the loose. Preparing and key industry plays have been added to expand the estimation of the co-showcasing between OEM Partners and their clients, further formalizing business arrangement.

Raised Level of Support. Expanded specialized assets and flexibly chain arrangement, notwithstanding limits and refunds that empower OEM Partners to make separation and conquer business challenges.

The upgraded OEM Partner Program is currently open for enlistment in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Enlistment for the Latin America district will be accessible in the principal quarter of 2021.

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