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nScrypt secures new patent for hybrid, large-scale, precision manufacturing

April 24, 2019 / TIA VIALVA

nScrypt, a Florida-based manufacturer of micro-dispensing and 3D printing equipment, has secured a new patent for large-scale high-precision manufacturing. This patent addresses a hybrid gantry system combining 3D printing and traditional manufacturing using a rigid frame or modular girders. We saw a need for a Direct Digital Manufacturing system that can make large parts with high precision and tight tolerances, said Dr. Ken Church, CEO of nScrypt.
This patented system, which can be assembled from standard girders to make it scalable at a reasonable price, combines multiple motion control systems, computer control, and sensors that provide continuous feedback to tweak the 3D printing or traditional manufacturing process for large, high-precision parts. Since its founding in 2002, nScrypt has focused on additive manufacturing and micro-dispensing. Microdispensing involves depositing droplets of ink in volumes of less than one microliter.