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Nidec Uses OptimalPlus Data Analytics Platform to Boost Manufacturing Product Quality

September 02, 2020 / Business Wire

NI today announced Nidec Small Precision Motor and Solutions Business Unit is using the OptimalPlus big data analytics platform to help accelerate new product introduction ramp-up and improve manufacturing efficiency. By leveraging OptimalPlus technology, now part of NI, Nidec hopes to improve product quality and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With increasing demand for product reliability due to the proliferation of smart consumer electronics and autonomous cars, ensuring quality and expediting time to market is presenting great challenges for manufacturers worldwide, especially as mechanical and electronic components and manufacturing processes become more complex. The challenge is exacerbated when devices are assembled with hundreds to thousands of subcomponents originating in disparate geographies, and that relevant data is dispersed across separate siloes. This combination makes it exceedingly difficult for manufacturers to understand wher...