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New Spec Sparks IIoT Consistency

February 20, 2020 / Peter Fretty

At the ARC Advisory Group’s 24th Annual Industry Forum, the Eclipse Foundation announced the launch of the Sparkplug Working Group, which is driving the evolution and broad adoption of the its specification developed to enable the creation of open, interoperable, Industrial IoT solutions utilizing MQTT. In particular, the working group will encourage the definition of technical specifications and associated implementations that rationalize access to industrial data, improve the interoperability and scalability of IIoT solutions, and provide an overall framework for supporting Industry 4.0 for oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, smart cities and other related industries. Founding members include global leaders Chevron, Canary Labs, Cirrus Link Solutions, HiveMQ, Inductive Automation, and ORing. With the rapid adoption of Sparkplug within multiple markets critical to the IIoT, we are in an excellent position to bring industry leaders together to drive standardization around this tr...