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Mimaki launches desktop 3D printer in partnership with Sindoh

March 27, 2019 / Sam Davies

Mimaki has announced the launch of a desktop fused filament fabrication machine in partnership with Sindoh, a South Korea printing hardware manufacturer. The new 3DFF-222 printer has been designed to address in-house design and production requirements, and is said to be most suitable for components like jigs used in direct-to-shape printing and tools for producing three-dimensional signage.
Mimaki’s first desktop 3D printing offering boasts a build volume of up to 210 x 200 x 195 mm and can print parts in PLA material. Prints can be monitored remotely through a Mimaki mobile application, and the system also features automatic bed levelling, a high efficiency particulate air filter to prevent foul emissions, and motor drivers which help reduce the noise output during operation. The machine will be commercially available by the end of April 2019.