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Materials Made for Manufacturing the Future

October 14, 2019 / Geoff Giordano

With more manufacturers and engineers embracing additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, for serial production of functional parts, the demand for and creation of high-performing additive materials continues at a rapid pace. In its 10th year, MakerBot has formulated a new generation of materials optimized to produce a broad array of parts, jigs, fixtures and prototypes on its portfolio of benchtop machines – including its METHOD X manufacturing workstation, launched in August. Industrial-grade PETG has a heat deflection temperature up to 70 degrees C. Its strong layer adhesion reduces shrinkage and warping, and it resists moisture and many chemicals. Used with water-soluble PVA, it can produce complex parts whose supports can be easily removed. Compared with PLA and ABS, PETG is stronger and prints with a glossy finish, no odor and a good degree of ductility.