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MakerBot launches PETG filament for METHOD 3D printer

May 22, 2019 / Laura Griffiths

Desktop 3D printing leader, MakerBot, has announced its first Specialty Material offering for the METHOD 3D printer. Users of its recently launched performance system will now be able to print with polyethylene terephthalate glycol, better known as PETG, to produce parts for industrial applications, including functional prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and end-use components.
PETG is the first in a new line of materials for METHOD. Our customers have been asking for different materials to use for a wide range of applications that require high strength and durability, said Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. PETG is one of the most widely used polymers today. Because of its advanced properties and versatility, we view PETG as an excellent material to be used on the manufacturing line and for short-run production runs.