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Lenovo becomes the first manufacturer to achieve the GFA Label Leaf 3 certification

February 11, 2020 / Green Freight Asia

As a result of their efforts to achieve a greener supply chain, we are thrilled to announce that Lenovo has become the first shipper to be awarded the GFA 3 Leaf Accreditation. This award is a testament to their increasing accountability in engaging their suppliers to also adopt sustainable freight practices. As a global technology leader, Lenovo fully recognizes its role and responsibilities in ensuring we operate a truly sustainable business. As we grow and develop our own behaviors, our belief is that through smarter technology for all we also have the opportunity to empower industry, communities, and citizens to evolve together, to teach and learn from each other and contribute to change for good. This commitment extends beyond products and packaging, where we are innovating in our manufacturing processes and using biodegradable materials and eliminating one-time use plastics, throughout our plants, where we have carbon balanced 100% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions in China, through...