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IoT automation and analytics software company Waylay announced digital twins of equipment for time efficient retro-fitting of legacy assets.

November 30, 2020 / pruthvi pawar

IoT mechanization and examination programming organization Waylay today declared its industry initial zero-code provisioning entry dependent on advanced twins of hardware for time proficient retro-fitting of inheritance resources.

In an ideal world, all hardware would be associated. Truly, a great many heritage machines are bolted out of Industry 4.0 arrangements due to the restrictive expense of retro-fitting. Thus embellishing hardware with associated sensors is needed to release the maximum capacity of gathered IoT information, to upgrade execution with preventive and predictive upkeep and to make new result based help models. Waylay gives the business initial zero-code provisioning entry to address this worldwide issue, with advanced twin creation with no human mediation.

At the point when retro-fitting gear, field specialists ought to introduce the sensors, pair them, add machine-explicit settings and register client explicit necessities, for example, edge settings, warnings, contact information, caution streams, and so on The regularly under-featured issues of retro-fitting are nearby complexities that support groups find during establishment - zero touch actuation is as yet a dream. A conventional spreadsheet-based establishment approach frequently experiences fragmented provisioning information and manual altering blunders and needs top to bottom preparing for the field team, hindering turn out plans.

Zero-code provisioning entrance consequently starts Digital Twins

The Waylay zero-code provisioning entrance ensures a brisk, adaptable and complete establishment measure. Its creation depends on asset design settings that auto-populate the necessary info handle, no writing computer programs is required. It definitely rearranges the provisioning cycle while authorizing that all obligatory data is given before the establishment cycle can be finished. Explicit settings, for example, data that partners sensors to actual hardware can be entered from any end client gadget, PDA or tablet. The advanced twin - what could be compared to gear with its sensor information and examination - will be introduced consequently and will line up with the pre-arranged mechanization rules in the Waylay robotization stage for observing and streamlining the recently associated resource.

“Waylay takes the organizational nightmare out of the time consuming retro-fitting process to connect legacy equipment,” said Piet Vandaele, CEO of Waylay. “Our zero-code provisioning portal transforms installation processes. Pairing and completion of settings becomes a time efficient exercise and assets can finally get access to Industry 4.0 incentives.”


Waylay is a leading IoT automation and analytics software company that builds automation software for the Internet of Things. Waylay's data orchestration platform is used by enterprises to develop automation applications using IoT, IT and cloud data in the most flexible way.