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HP opens 150,000 square-foot 3D printing and digital manufacturing centre of excellence in Barcelona

June 12, 2019 / Sam Davies

HP has opened a 150,000 square-foot centre of excellence for 3D printing and digital manufacturing in Barcelona. The new facility has been established to enable collaboration between vendor, customers, and partners in a factory-like environment, actioning further research and development around the company's portfolio of additive manufacturing technologies. Pooling together the talent from within its own organisation and those of its partners, HP expects to have hundreds with expertise in systems engineering, data intelligence, software, materials science, design, and applications working within this new facility to ensure the capabilities of its additive manufacturing portfolio are implemented to their full potential. The new facility boasts fleets of the company’s polymer and metal printing systems and interactive layouts, allowing the likes of BASF, Siemens, GKN, Volkswagen, and a host of other industry players to put their heads together and solve problems.