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How Manufacturing Companies Can Be Strategic in Their Use of Engagement Initiatives

May 13, 2019 / Christina Zurek

Executives in the manufacturing industry know that engaging employees is crucial. In fact, across all trades, organizations are investing $18 billion on tools to bolster employee engagement, yet the return on these investments is unclear. According to Gallup’s State of the Workplace report, only 25 percent of manufacturing workers are engaged at work. It is the least engaged occupation across the United States and is a full eight percentage points lower than the national average for employee engagement.
Research has shown that some of the most commonly-used employee engagement initiatives are not as engaging as they can be. For example, service award recognition and company-wide physical fitness challenges are limited in their scope and impact. Similarly, if your company emphasizes work-life balance or compensation packages as the end-all for engaging employees, you’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg.