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How 5G will drive transformation within manufacturing

June 07, 2019 / Maddy White

Manufacturing is waiting for 5G, with two-thirds of industrial firms planning to use the network within the first two years of availability, a new report has found. It’s a new, shiny, high-speed network which boasts faster connectivity, greater reliability, enhanced security, and lower latency. So, it comes as no surprise that 5G has gained a lot of attention in the industrial world. A new report, 5G in Industrial Operations: How telcos and industrial companies stand to benefit, by Capgemini focuses on the latest developments in cellular networks and how industry is set to be catapulted by a 5G adoption. Connectivity remains a significant challenge in manufacturing. The research found that 44% of respondents thought it affects their overall digital transformation. And when leaders at industrial firms were asked which technologies will be be vital to their digitalisation over the next five years, 80% selected 5G second only to cloud computing.