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Fusion Coolant Systems Partners With Air Liquide for Sustainable and Efficient Manufacturing

June 25, 2020 / Business Wire

Fusion Coolant Systems (“Fusion”) announced today the formation of a strategic partnership with Air Liquide, initially targeted in the South West European Region (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal). The partnership is focused on increasing sustainability, productivity, and employee health & safety for manufacturers engaged in CNC machining, by pairing two industry leading and forward-thinking companies.

Fusion is the inventor and exclusive source of a highly successful and proprietary technology called Pure-Cut®, which utilizes supercritical CO2 as a replacement for traditional mineral oil coolant and lubrication systems in CNC machining. Air Liquide, with newly secured sourcing solutions in Europe of purified CO2, a sub product from chemical & biogas industries, and strong know-how in gas installations design, is uniquely positioned to support the wide-spread introduction of supercritical CO2 machining offered by Fusion, in compliance with establish...