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Fujitsu Announces New Series of Tools to Support Digitization of Manufacturing Production

August 07, 2020 / WebWire

Fujitsu announced a new version of the Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Digital Production Preparation VPS, a series of tools developed by Digital Process Ltd. to support the digitization of production preparation tasks in manufacturing. Sales will commence for the Japanese market today, August 5, with availability in international regions including Central Eastern Europe at a later date.

In this version, Fujitsu has enhanced the function for creating a Bill of Process that stores and manages data hereafter referred to as process information such as parts, work procedures, locations, equipment and tools, and manufacturing know-how used in product assembly in product preparation processes. This enables high-quality, efficient production by leveraging valuable data on product assembly to help customers get products to market faster and more competitively.

By promoting the digitization of the production preparation process in the manufacturing ...