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Expert warns manufacturers not to rush into using AI

April 10, 2018 / Joseph Flaig

Manufacturers must heed recent crashes involving self-driving cars and “tread with caution” before introducing fully autonomous systems in factories, an expert has warned. Speaking over the buzz and whirr of 3D printers and robotic arms at the MACH 2018 exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, engineer Andrew Banks from software verification and compliance firm LDRA urged caution as companies embrace automation and artificial intelligence.
Admitting he was “a little more to the cynical end” than others in the British Standards Institution panel discussion, Banks said manufacturers risk stepping backward on vital qualifications, which ensure that repeatable robotic tasks always happen safely.
“We’ve been using robots in manufacturing for a good many years to do the nitty-gritty, the repeatable tasks where getting things exactly the same is so important,” he said. “Once we start introducing robots that can ‘think’ for ...