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EU challenges Asian dominance of battery cell manufacturing

May 10, 2019 / Smart Energy International

Carole Mathieu of the French Institute of International Relations expalins some of the developments between the EU battery manufacturing and automaker industries and how they impact on the region's contributions towards the global energy storage market. French battery cell manufacturer Saft and Opel, the German subsidiary of automaker PSA Group, are finalising the details of a major investment project in battery cell manufacturing.
Is the European Union (EU) finally challenging Asia’s dominance on battery cells production? What chances of success for the European Battery Alliance (EBA) and what implications for the EU industrial policy? Back in 2017, the European Commission (EC) warned about the serious risk for Europe to become irreversibly dependent on battery cells imports, for both the roll-out of clean mobility and the stabilization of power grids integrating high shares of variable renewable energy sources.