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Digital skills: Manufacturing needs number crunchers

June 04, 2019 / Maddy White

Manufacturing's need for digital talent is soaring, but with a lack of skills available it's not sustainable for businesses to keep poaching people from one another. How can we overcome this digital dilemma? The UK is losing out on £63bn a year because of the digital skills gap. This could be impacting the country’s competitiveness, limiting business’ ability to be innovative and deterring investment. A new report from CBI and Tata Consulting Services has found that more than two-thirds of UK firms have unfilled digital vacancies. Only a third 31% of companies are confident that British business will be able to access the digital skills they need in the years ahead. It reports that around 60% of larger firms said their digital skills needs are set to soar over the next three to five years. While smaller businesses 69% needs are likely to peak over the next year or two.