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Desktop Metal launches continuous fibre composite 3D printing platform

November 01, 2019 / Sam Davies

Desktop Metal has announced the launch of a continuous fibre composite 3D printing platform named Fiber. The desktop 3D printing system is based on a process Desktop Metal is calling micro automated fibre replacement and is said to be able to print continuous fibre composite materials used in automated fibre placement processes. Fiber is being made available through a subscription service in two models, HT and LT, the former of which has been developed to produce parts suitable for high-temperature environments. Both machines have been designed to be arranged in print farm configurations of six or ten machines. Desktop Metal’s latest product release is scheduled to ship next spring and will see the company once more go head-to-head with Markforged, a company which offers a portfolio of fibre-filled composite printers and has also engaged in two lawsuits with its fellow Massachusetts-based vendor centring largely around their respective metals technologies.