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Boom Supersonic incorporates metal 3D printing into XB-1 supersonic demonstrator production

June 24, 2019 / Sam Davies

Boom Supersonic is leaning on VELO3Ds Intelligent Fusion metal 3D printing technology to produce parts for its XB-1 supersonic demonstrator aircraft. The company, who recently announced an extension to its partnership with Stratasys, has been working with VELO3D to develop two titanium components for XB-1 on the Sapphire system. A series of engine mice, pictured below, were previously additively manufactured and installed in the exhaust of one of Booms GE J85-15 engines, which are being tested at the United States Air Force Academy, to validate the process. Together, the companies have carried out successful validation trials, which have encompassed simulations around engine stall condition and flow distortion. Now moving to the production of end use parts, the printed components will form part of the aircraft’s Environmental Control System, helping to ensure safe flight no matter the conditions, and are expected to be installed on XB-1 early next year. XB-1 is the prototype vehi...