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Are You Using Digital Twins?

February 07, 2020 / Peter Fretty

Digital twins are rapidly becoming a business imperative for the next evolution of digital enterprises. By design, digital twins take advantage of the vast amounts of data from connected devices to provide a detailed, data-based model of a physical system. As the industrial internet of things connects more and more of these devices within organizations, virtual simulations of physical environments are becoming an increasingly critical piece of an enterprise digital strategy. The capability is compounding with the vast processing power of high-performance computing, enabling diverse industries to apply digital twins to scale simulations, shorten development timeframes and derive tangible business results. While digital twins are being looked at in the digital engineering realm for design and simulation work, there is significant untapped potential in the services part of the value chain, DXC Technology’s Chief Technology and Product Officer Shankar Nagarajan tells IndustryWeek. Ex...