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Are Manufacturers KPI Reporting Practices Keeping Up?

June 04, 2019 / Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland

cAs organizations continue to put greater emphasis on facts-based decision making, ensuring relevant measures and timely access to data becomes increasingly important. Often organizations will pinpoint a handful of key performance indicators KPIs to gauge the organization’s operational performance. However, picking and aligning the right KPIs to the organization’s goals is often easier said than done, much less ensuring data is captured, analyzed, and disseminated in a timely manner. APQC conducted a survey to garner insights into these challenges. The survey explored the KPIs organizations use to manage operations, their alignment to organizational goals, and the role that measures and reporting make on the decision-making process. This first of two article uses data from the KPI survey to look at alignment between organizational priorities and the measures organizations use and KPI selection practices.