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AP&T is working to save the bees at Rönnåsen in Ulricehamn

August 19, 2020 / AP&T Group

Wild bees and other pollinating insects, many species of which are endangered, are vital for biodiversity. For this reason, AP&T has decided to support the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation initiative “Save the Bees”. In addition, AP&T is active in planting flowers in the bee garden that neighboring company Götessons established in the Rönnåsen industrial compound in Ulricehamn, Sweden.  In Ulricehamn, where both companies have their headquarters, Götessons Industri AB and AP&T are jointly making a specific effort to save the bees in Rönnåsen. By planting flowers that attract bees and constructing habitable insect hotels, the companies hope to bring in more winged, six-legged guests to Rönnåsen.  “Götessons’ initiative is a great one – one we were more than keen on participating in. Through simple measures, we are making a nice habitat for pollinators in our backyard. The bee garde...