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ALLPCB's Shared Manufacturing Concept Boosts Local PCB Capacity

September 08, 2020 / PR Newswire

In September 2020, ALLPCB's brand-new manufacturing sharing center, close to Shenzhen, officially puts into production. The new manufacturing sharing center is another practice of shared manufacturing concept, which would boost local PCB capacity. Its superior location makes ALLPCB boards delivered to worldwide electronic engineers and companies easily and rapidly from Shenzhen port.

Much ink has been spilled about collaborative manufacturing in electronic industry.  People might be unfamiliar with this shared manufacturing system. You can imagine it as a new combined mode of WeWork and super manufacturing factory. The concept of "shared manufacturing" has been proposed by Elle Brandt in 1990 firstly. Now it was applied to many manufacturing industries all over the world. CEO of ALLPCB.com, Zhou Bangbing said, collaborative manufacturing is an advanced way that could boost the manufacturing industry capacity in the future.