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3YOURMIND launches Agile Manufacturing Execution System software

April 01, 2019 / Sam Davies

3YOURMIND has announced the launch of its Agile Manufacturing Execution System software at the AMUG Conference in Chicago. The Agile MES is said to enable additive manufacturing facilities to benefit from digital production planning and software-driven workflows to improve efficiency and machine utilization. It has been brought to market after an Early Access Program facilitated direct feedback from users and developers of additive manufacturing technologies, including Voestalpine, Eckhart, EOS, and Tenco.
Smart part prioritization, schedule overview of production resources, and the ability to create custom workflows per specific processes were determined with the help of the early access participants. The aim is to achieve the vision of data-driven automation on the production floor, a goal which will be helped by additional feature sets which will continue to de developed in the coming months, and one which will ultimately change the way manufacturers to produce products.