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3Diligent's distributed network of digital manufacturing facilities nears 250 locations

April 29, 2019 / Sam Davies

3Diligent has announced it has now qualified nearly 250 digital manufacturing facilities and integrated them into its manufacturing network. Spanning six continents and more than a dozen countries, 3Diligent has more than 1,200 machines at its disposal, supporting 3D printing, CNC machining, casting, and injection moulding processes. The company also boasts finishing and inspection technologies.
Headquartered in California, 3Diligent has sought to expand its reach across the globe, qualifying digital manufacturing facilities in locations close to where parts are consumed to reduce delivery time and shipping costs. The company works with companies in a host of industries, from automotive to energy and aerospace to healthcare, with services covering prototyping through production.
3Diligent has noticed a trend towards distributed manufacturing harnessing digital technologies and has positioned its business model in line with that. It wants to assist companies with on-demand...