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3DEO Wons Gold Medal in AM from Design World’s LEAP Awards

November 12, 2020 / Bhushan Salkar

3DEO, a metal 3D printing innovation organization, has won a Gold Medal in Additive Manufacturing from Design World's Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Awards. In excess of 100 participants were gotten for the yearly rivalry, which commends the most inventive and ground breaking items serving the plan designing space. Victors were picked by an autonomous making a decision about board of 14 designing and scholastic experts. One of the appointed authorities remarked, "To incorporate the CNC milling into the cycle should assist 3D With metaling parts move from prototype to production." This honor is acknowledgment of 3DEO's novel capacity to scale metal additive manufacturing and rival customary manufacturing techniques, for example, CNC machining and metal injection molding.

3DEO was awarded Gold over some of the largest companies in the industry, highlighting how the cutting-edge startup from California is breaking new ground in metal additive manufacturing—particularly in the mass production of end-use components. “Recognizing the nonexistence of high-volume production in the industry, we founded the company specifically to break into high-volume production. The entire 3DEO team is honored to receive such a prestigious award and be recognized for our hard work over the years,” said Payman Torabi, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of 3DEO.

3DEO is one of the most elevated volume manufacturers in metal 3D printing. The organization has dispatched more than 300,000 production parts to date, including transporting 35,000 sections sent in a solitary week a month ago. A large number of 3DEO's production clients are in yearly production amounts of in excess of 50,000 pieces for each year.

Matt Petros, PhD, CEO of 3DEO, said, “While it is true that we are shipping a lot of parts, we are really just getting started on the path to production. I think that is what is most exciting about 3DEO today. Building an end-to-end production line took time to fully develop the technology stack, which includes 3D printing, automation, robotics, software integration, IoT, and machine learning. 3DEO is more than a parts company. It’s more than a metal 3D printing company. It’s a digital industrial platform poised to transform manufacturing.”

With the entire technology stack and production line operational, the company is in the position to scale up volumes dramatically. “Expect to see very big things from us in 2021. We are breaking into new industries, taking down larger and larger orders, and starting to compete head-on with metal injection molding from a cost and quality perspective,” said Dr. Petros. “When you can offer customers all of the game-changing advantages of 3D printing with similar pricing and quality as MIM, it’s a manufacturing revolution in the making.”


Based in Los Angeles, California, 3DEO invented and patented several industrial technologies, including metal 3D printing, which is the core of its next generation manufacturing platform. The company supplies complex stainless-steel components in high volumes to customers in the medical, defense, aerospace, and other industrial markets. By working with 3DEO, customers get access to cutting edge manufacturing technologies in 3D printing, machine learning, and robotics.