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Apple approaches 100 per cent renewable energy in manufacturing

April 11, 2019 / Institution of Engineering and Technology

Apple has nearly doubled the number of suppliers that have committed to run their production lines using 100 per cent clean energy. The suppliers in question include two which assemble and make the processor chips for the iPhone. While Apple already runs its own facilities on renewable energy, the manufacturing of its products makes up by far the largest portion of its carbon footprint, being responsible for 74 per cent of total output. The company said the move will help it exceed its goal of bringing 4GW of renewable energy into its supply chain by 2020, with over an additional GW projected within that timeframe.
Every time one of our suppliers joins us in our efforts to address climate change, we move closer to a better future for the next generation, said Lisa Jackson, Apple VP for Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. We’ve made it a priority to hold our suppliers accountable to the same environmental standards we observe and hope that our collaboration will sh...