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Just 6% of UK 16-23 year-olds considering careers in manufacturing

December 05, 2018 / Jonny Williamson

A career in manufacturing is failing to appeal to the next generation of workers, with only 3% of young women contemplating a job in the industry, according to a major new report. With more than half of UK manufacturing businesses (52%) are finding it difficult to recruit new employees, the paltry 6% of ‘Generation Z’ (16-23 year-olds) considering careers in manufacturing is worrying.
Almost half (47%) state that manufacturing doesn’t appeal to them, with many young people displaying misconceptions around the skills that workers can develop - only one third (33%) of young people believe a career in manufacturing will provide them with advanced technology skills. Instead, young people aspire towards careers in digital, technology and IT, with manufacturing ranking only 17th out of 19 potential career paths.