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Digital Advances Continue to Transform Design and Manufacturing

December 04, 2018 / Rob Spiegel

For years, advanced design and manufacturing technology was mostly in the hands of the very largest companies-from GM and GE to Boeing and PG. That’s changed remarkably over the last five years. We’re continued advances in industrial technology but, more to the point, we’re seeing the democratization of that technology.
The proliferation of design and manufacturing technology is beginning to change the nature of what it means to be a design engineer. “The future we’re making is affected by all of the trends that are happening. In past years, design engineers were constrained by the manufacturing process,” Stephen Hooper, VP, and general manager for Fusion 360 at Autodesk said at the Autodesk Accelerate conference. “As a designer, you had a lot of ideas, but you were constrained by manufacturing technology. That’s changed.”