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Underinvested in Automation? Leapfrog to Smart Manufacturing!

March 22, 2018 / Charles Horth, Raj Jakhete

Factory gives insight into how you can seamlessly upgrade your plant for Industry 4.0 without breaking the bank. You’re a manufacturer that has underinvested in automation or information technologies? You’re not alone. Do you get sticker shock from the traditional approach of moving information from sensors to control systems (PLC, SCADA or DCS) and then to a plant/corporate information layer? You’re not alone. You feel disadvantaged compared to digital-leader competitors, and can’t figure out how to catch up?
IIoT and allied technologies have evolved to a point that they now offer two innovative, lower-cost routes to Smart Manufacturing – using existing layers and new wireless technology. The cost savings are significant; achieving a digital visibility layer can be a mere fraction of the investment of just a few years ago. True, the end results won’t be identical (the difference is in the control systems), but it is certainly possible, at a r...