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Telesat Moves Closer to Manufacturing 117-Piece Constellation

February 20, 2018 / Megan Crouse

Satellite company Telesat is looking for funding as it expands its manufacturing operation. According to SpaceNews, Telesat has produced one demonstration satellite and is now reviewing proposals for a network of 117 satellites.
The constellation of broadband communication satellites has received interested looks from several “major satellite manufacturers,” according to the report. Telesat has already deployed two “Phase One” demonstration satellites, one built by the Space Flight Laboratory at the University of Toronto and one by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom. The Space Flight Laboratory demonstrator was lost during launch, but the second was successfully delivered to orbit and is currently working its way up to its final orbit.
Telesat is a Canada-based satellite services company founded in 1969. Currently, they are working on deploying the full constellation of 117 satellites and enabling service by 2021. Vice President...