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Atos and The Manufacturer – Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital

February 19, 2018 / The Manufacturer

In breakout sessions, the attendees offered their thoughts and opinions on the four key topics, one of which was Industry 4.0. The attendees quickly began to discuss the closing gap between ‘product’ and ‘service’.
One group honed in on the idea of a manufacturer spanning across the whole supply chain – for example in the printing industry, delivering printing on bottles, their labels, and boxes for shipping.
These opportunities for collaboration across the supply chain were widely recognized across various industries.
The issue of ownership over data arose across all the groups, particularly around the protection of data once the products leave the factory – who is in control? One attendee pointed out the growing moral issues surrounding this, asking the question: Where does data sharing stop?
It was also noted that the opportunities Industry 4.0 can create for an organization, once it is understood what Industry 4.0 look...