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Siemens announces partnership with Perceptive Engineering to enhance control in pharmaceutical manufacturing

February 06, 2018 / Automation

Siemens AG and Perceptive Engineering Ltd announced a partnership which offers Perceptive’s PharmaMV and Siemens Simatic Sipat software products closely integrated to provide a solution for advanced control and optimization applications in both continuous and batch pharmaceutical manufacturing.
The interest to have APC integrated into a PAT platform is growing significantly within the Life Sciences Industry. Thus, the goal of this collaboration is to offer the Pharmaceutical Industry the integrated combination of technologies.
An integrated PAT Data Management system like Siemens’ Sipat has been increasingly adopted by the regulated industries, offering a 21CFR11 compliant PAT platform to monitor the end product quality in real-time while it’s been produced.
This is based on the structured collection of data from spectral PAT analyzers combined with traditional process data and raw data information from e.g. a LIMS application.