ZEDEDA and Emerson Expand Relationship to Modernize the Industrial Edge

Emerson | December 15, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

EDEDA and Emerson NEws
ZEDEDA, the leader in edge orchestration, today announced a strategic investment from Emerson Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global technology, software and automation leader. The move extends the relationship between the two companies, as Emerson is also a ZEDEDA customer.

Emerson’s solution integrates ZEDEDA’s edge management and orchestration offer into its DeltaV™ automation system, enabling Emerson customers to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge. This expansion will deliver enhanced OT solutions while also continuing into the IT environment, providing software-defined automation and revolutionizing how customers can deploy and connect workloads within their distributed environments.

“This expanded relationship demonstrates how edge computing provides manufacturers with the ability to modernize their existing operations and address emerging use cases driven by cloud-native apps like AI and computer vision, Emerson recognizes the role that edge will play in creating a world in which virtual and physical manufacturing systems cooperate with each other in a flexible way at a global level.”

-Said Ouissal, founder and CEO ZEDEDA.

A McKinsey report estimated that advances in data and analytics, AI and machine learning (ML) could deliver irresistible returns for a factory, including 30-50% reductions in machine downtime, 10-30% increases in throughput, 15-30% improvements in labor productivity and 85% more accurate forecasting.

“As companies embrace digital transformational change, we see great promise for ZEDEDA’s cloud-native solution to modernize edge computing in industrial environments, ZEDEDA is a great example of what Emerson Ventures looks for in a strategic partner.”

-Thurston Cromwell, vice president of development and innovation and head of Emerson Ventures.

Industrial environments are currently constricted by siloes and segmentation, said Nathan Pettus, president of Emerson’s process systems and software business.  By leveraging edge technologies built on current infrastructure and deploying software as orchestrated workloads, our work with ZEDEDA enables us to bring IT and OT innovation together and create a new paradigm for the industrial edge.

ZEDEDA’s solution is deployed within Fortune 500 companies across verticals such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, and retail. The company has quadrupled its number of nodes under management since 2021 and recently closed $26 million in Series B funding.

ZEDEDA makes edge computing effortless, open, and intrinsically secure — extending the cloud experience to the edge. ZEDEDA reduces the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications while increasing visibility, security and control. ZEDEDA delivers a distributed, cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution, simplifying the security and remote management of edge infrastructure and applications at scale. ZEDEDA ensures extensibility and flexibility by utilizing an open partner ecosystem with a robust app marketplace and leveraging an open architecture from the Linux Foundation. ZEDEDA delivers instant time to value, has thousands of nodes under management and is backed by world-class investors with teams in the United States, Germany and India. 

About Emerson:
Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a global technology and software company providing innovative solutions for the world’s essential industries. Through its leading automation portfolio, including its majority stake in AspenTech, Emerson helps hybrid, process and discrete manufacturers optimize operations, protect personnel, reduce emissions and achieve their sustainability goals.


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