Additive Manufacturing

Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Partner to Offer Aluminum 3D Printing to Industrial Customers

Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox Elem
On February 10, Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions and Vertex Manufacturing—A PrinterPrezz Company announced a deal to integrate a Xerox® ElemXTM 3D Printer into Vertex's Cincinnati facility and to begin delivering contract manufacturing services utilizing Xerox's liquid metal capabilities.

The ElemX is based on Xerox's liquid metal technology, which utilizes cost-effective aluminum wire and is simple to deploy, requiring no facility changes. Compared to many other metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires minimal post-processing, resulting in a shorter time-to-part. Vertex expands its capabilities and joins the Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Manufacturing Partner Network by adding the ElemX to its current fleet of advanced manufacturing technologies.

"Our business is committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality and schedule requirements, We decided to partner with Xerox because the ElemX technology gives us an added advantage in building parts faster and more reliably for our customers."

-Tim Warden, vice president of sales and marketing at Vertex.

Elem Additive Solutions expanded dramatically during the last year, including the establishment of an Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Cary, North Carolina. This arrangement with Vertex for contract manufacturing is another significant milestone for Xerox.

"The relationship with Vertex enables our Elem Additive business to scale and support our customers better than before, Between the two organizations, there is decades of experience in advanced manufacturing, so we are thrilled to push the limits of this technology together."

-Tali Rosman, Elem Additive general manager and vice president at Xerox

ElemX is a more secure and simplified metal 3D printing technology that addresses supply chain resilience in the transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial production industries. Until recently, the market has been constrained by the inability to consistently and successfully 3D print aluminum. Unlike other metal 3D printing technologies, ElemX does not use toxic metal powders and does not require PPE or other significant safety precautions. As a result, ElemX is the appropriate solution for spares, repairs, and low-volume manufacturing parts.

ElemX takes all the benefits of 3D printing and makes it easier than ever before for manufacturers to use metal additive manufacturing, said Rosman. This is the next step in our journey, and we plan to continue advancing our vision for more resilient supply chains in 2022 by working with partners like Vertex.