Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Partner to Offer Aluminum 3D Printing to Industrial Customers

Vertex Manufacturing | February 14, 2022

Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox Elem
On February 10, Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions and Vertex Manufacturing—A PrinterPrezz Company announced a deal to integrate a Xerox® ElemXTM 3D Printer into Vertex's Cincinnati facility and to begin delivering contract manufacturing services utilizing Xerox's liquid metal capabilities.

The ElemX is based on Xerox's liquid metal technology, which utilizes cost-effective aluminum wire and is simple to deploy, requiring no facility changes. Compared to many other metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires minimal post-processing, resulting in a shorter time-to-part. Vertex expands its capabilities and joins the Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Manufacturing Partner Network by adding the ElemX to its current fleet of advanced manufacturing technologies.

"Our business is committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality and schedule requirements, We decided to partner with Xerox because the ElemX technology gives us an added advantage in building parts faster and more reliably for our customers."

-Tim Warden, vice president of sales and marketing at Vertex.

Elem Additive Solutions expanded dramatically during the last year, including the establishment of an Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Cary, North Carolina. This arrangement with Vertex for contract manufacturing is another significant milestone for Xerox.

"The relationship with Vertex enables our Elem Additive business to scale and support our customers better than before, Between the two organizations, there is decades of experience in advanced manufacturing, so we are thrilled to push the limits of this technology together."

-Tali Rosman, Elem Additive general manager and vice president at Xerox

ElemX is a more secure and simplified metal 3D printing technology that addresses supply chain resilience in the transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial production industries. Until recently, the market has been constrained by the inability to consistently and successfully 3D print aluminum. Unlike other metal 3D printing technologies, ElemX does not use toxic metal powders and does not require PPE or other significant safety precautions. As a result, ElemX is the appropriate solution for spares, repairs, and low-volume manufacturing parts.

ElemX takes all the benefits of 3D printing and makes it easier than ever before for manufacturers to use metal additive manufacturing, said Rosman. This is the next step in our journey, and we plan to continue advancing our vision for more resilient supply chains in 2022 by working with partners like Vertex.


Introducing the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud, a global network that connects manufacturers to the data, applications, and services needed to enable industrial use cases at scale. Bridging the divide between IT and OT systems, identifying upstream and downstream risks, managing costs down while increasing production and quality, the Manufacturing Data Cloud offers a way to consolidate, analyze, and democratize data generated across an enterprise, from the factory floor to the ends of the supply chain.


Introducing the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud, a global network that connects manufacturers to the data, applications, and services needed to enable industrial use cases at scale. Bridging the divide between IT and OT systems, identifying upstream and downstream risks, managing costs down while increasing production and quality, the Manufacturing Data Cloud offers a way to consolidate, analyze, and democratize data generated across an enterprise, from the factory floor to the ends of the supply chain.

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TPM Introduces State-of-the-Art Additive Manufacturing Lab in Greenville, SC

PR Newswire | June 02, 2023

TPM, a regional powerhouse in design and manufacturing solutions, today proudly unveils its innovative Additive Manufacturing Lab, a cutting-edge facility based in Greenville, SC. This state-of-the-art lab will serve as a regional demonstration center for industry-leading additive and 3D printing technology and provide outsourced 3D printed parts for the Southeast, underscoring TPM's unwavering dedication to fueling growth within the regional manufacturing sector. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from globally recognized manufacturers, including Markforged, HP, 3D Systems, Artec 3D, and AMT, TPM's new lab promises precision and quality. These resources position TPM to deliver exceptional services that embody efficiency and superior quality to its clientele. "Launching this newly renovated and enhanced additive lab is a key step as TPM accelerates growth in the manufacturing industry across the Southeastern region, providing the latest technology solutions to our clients." expressed Chris Fay, President of TPM. The lab's launch signifies a critical moment for the region's manufacturing prowess. It provides local manufacturing firms with tools to innovate faster, cut costs, and expedite time-to-market for their products. The Additive Manufacturing Lab comes to fruition in response to the burgeoning demand for 3D printing in the manufacturing industry. TPM's venture into this sphere reaffirms the company's faith in the transformative potential of additive manufacturing and its capacity to shape the trajectory of future production. This momentous announcement arrives at a critical juncture when manufacturers are actively exploring innovative avenues to refine their processes, bolster product quality, and maintain a competitive edge in a fast-paced, evolving marketplace. As TPM eagerly anticipates the possibilities this new lab will usher in, the company reaffirms its commitment to nurturing an ecosystem of innovation and growth for its valued partners. About TPMa TPM is dedicated to guiding manufacturing organizations through the journey of digital transformation by applying the latest software, hardware, and services, enabling people to maximize their potential, positioning companies for growth, and improving engineering processes.

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Tempo Automation Announces a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Optimum Design Associates, Extending Manufacturing Platform to Electronic Design Services

Globenewswire | March 28, 2023

Tempo Automation Holdings, Inc., a leading software-accelerated electronics manufacturer, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Optimum Design Associates, Inc. and Optimum Design Associates Pty. Ltd. (collectively “Optimum” or “Optimum Design Associates”), a fast-growing electronic design services company with offices in the United States and Australia that has delivered over 10,000 printed circuit board (PCB) designs to blue-chip customers. By vertically integrating electronic design and manufacturing, Tempo expects to be able to engage with customers even earlier in their product design process, streamlining the hardware development journey and providing a more efficient and faster way to get electronic products to market. The anticipated benefits of the acquisition include access to Optimum’s experienced engineering team and cross-selling opportunities to expand the customer base. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of this year. “This acquisition will be a significant step toward our vision of transforming the speed and quality of electronics prototyping,” said Joy Weiss, CEO of Tempo Automation. “As onshore electronics development and manufacturing continues to grow, the need for innovation in the end-to-end automation sector grows as well. Our industry has been fragmented and siloed, so we designed Tempo’s Accelerated Manufacturing Platform as a hub for industry consolidation and vertical integration.” Nick Barbin, Co-founder and President of Optimum, added, “Our proprietary design management tools and library services are natural extensions to Tempo’s Accelerated Manufacturing Platform. The acquisition is an efficient way for us to accelerate our roadmap and offer PCB assembly services to our customers. We’re excited to join forces with Tempo and contribute to their mission of revolutionizing the electronics industry.” Optimum’s experienced engineering team is recognized for its expertise in complex electronics designs with advanced constraints, with specialized skills in Radio Frequency (RF), Mixed Signal, and FPGA designs that are at the heart of most modern communication and mobility systems. Tempo has a track record of rapidly manufacturing similar complex designs and helping customers get their products to market quickly. Tempo believes that the opportunities to cross-sell design and manufacturing services will be natural synergies for the combined company. Tempo recently added powerful new tools to its Accelerated Electronics Manufacturing Platform, enabling its customers to hedge against electronics components market volatility. Customers can secure critical components early with Tempo and apply them to their many prototype and on-demand production builds. Optimum’s engineers will be able to tap into these tools to ensure that new electronic designs incorporate components that can be readily sourced and offer to have these pre-purchased and managed for the customer. About Tempo Automation Tempo is a leading software-accelerated electronics manufacturer, transforming the way top companies innovate and bring new products to market. Tempo Automation’s unique automated manufacturing platform optimizes the complex process of printed circuit board manufacturing to deliver unmatched quality, speed and agility. The platform’s all-digital process automation, data-driven intelligence, and connected smart factory create a distinctive competitive advantage for customers—to deliver tomorrow’s products today. From rockets to robots, autonomous cars to drones, many of the fastest-moving companies in industrial tech, medical technology, space, and other industries partner with Tempo Automation to accelerate innovation and set a new tempo for progress.

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Machina Labs Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract for Robotic Composites Manufacturing

Machina Labs | March 20, 2023

Machina Labs today announced that the United States Air Force (USAF) has awarded Machina Labs $1.6M to advance and accelerate the development of its robotic technology for manufacturing of metal tooling for high-rate production of composites. Higher vehicle production rates in comparison to current rates is anticipated as experts project that the airline industry will need to triple its fleet to about 60,000 airplanes over the next 20 years. With respect to military applications, there is a similar drive towards balancing mission agility, sustainment, and vehicle cost; giving rise to emerging air vehicle concepts like the Low-Cost Autonomous Collaborative Platforms (ACP) program where there is a higher tolerance over limited life and loss of vehicles during operations. In addition, Advanced/Urban Air Mobility (AAM/UAM) vehicles have received considerable commercial traction in recent years. These highly automated, on-demand passenger and air cargo vehicles are anticipated to have production rates in the tens to hundreds of thousands per year. Lightweight, high-strength composite structures are a key enabler for achieving these goals. As such, the factory throughputs of advanced composite structures have to be increased and their production cost lowered. Machina Labs’ AFWERX Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) contract will be focused on metal tooling for a fast-cure, out-of-autoclave (OOA) composite processing route. Through its previous contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Machina Labs has validated that its tools have vacuum integrity, are dimensionally stable once thermally stabilized, and are thermally more responsive than conventional metal tools. Composite tooling, depending on the materials selected and the tool size, could cost more than $1 million per tool and require 8-10 months of lead time. These costs and lead times for composite tooling do not support referenced increased manufacturing goals. “Machina Labs has demonstrated that its large-envelope, two-robot, incremental sheet metal forming technology can be used for manufacturing of metal tooling for composites resulting in dramatically reduced tool costs and time-to-market of composite parts,” according to Craig Neslen, Manufacturing Lead for the ACP Program at AFRL. “At the same time, given that no part-specific hardware is necessary for manufacturing of the sheet metal tools, it is possible to not only fabricate the tools expeditiously, but to quickly accommodate design changes when necessary.” Machina Labs uses robots the way a blacksmith uses a hammer to creatively manufacture different designs and material, introducing unseen flexibility and agility to the manufacturing industry. The company’s manufacturing platform combines the latest advances in robotics and AI so great ideas can quickly and affordably turn to reality and businesses can benefit from rapid iteration to bring more innovative products to market, faster. “We are pleased to advance our work with USAF in order to advance composite tooling for a wide variety of applications,” according to Babak Raeisinia, Co-Founder and Head of Applications & Partnerships at Machina Labs. “Keeping inventory of tooling is expensive. I believe technology will free up capital and allow organizations such as USAF to transition to an on-demand tooling model.” Machina Labs combines the latest advances in AI and robotics to deliver finished metal products in days – not months or years – and gives customers unprecedented time to market and competitive advantage. Robotic sheet forming is the first process enabled by Machina’s patented manufacturing platform. Using material- and geometry-agnostic technology, the platform outperforms traditional sheet forming methods that rely on custom molds or dies. About Machina Labs Founded in 2019 by aerospace and automotive industry veterans, Machina Labs is an advanced manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California. Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, Machina Labs is developing Software-Defined Factories of the Future. The mission of the company is to develop modular manufacturing solutions that can be reconfigured to manufacture new products simply by changing the software.

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