Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Partner to Offer Aluminum 3D Printing to Industrial Customers

Vertex Manufacturing | February 14, 2022

Vertex Manufacturing and Xerox Elem
On February 10, Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions and Vertex Manufacturing—A PrinterPrezz Company announced a deal to integrate a Xerox® ElemXTM 3D Printer into Vertex's Cincinnati facility and to begin delivering contract manufacturing services utilizing Xerox's liquid metal capabilities.

The ElemX is based on Xerox's liquid metal technology, which utilizes cost-effective aluminum wire and is simple to deploy, requiring no facility changes. Compared to many other metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires minimal post-processing, resulting in a shorter time-to-part. Vertex expands its capabilities and joins the Xerox® ElemTM Additive Solutions Manufacturing Partner Network by adding the ElemX to its current fleet of advanced manufacturing technologies.

"Our business is committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality and schedule requirements, We decided to partner with Xerox because the ElemX technology gives us an added advantage in building parts faster and more reliably for our customers."

-Tim Warden, vice president of sales and marketing at Vertex.

Elem Additive Solutions expanded dramatically during the last year, including the establishment of an Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Cary, North Carolina. This arrangement with Vertex for contract manufacturing is another significant milestone for Xerox.

"The relationship with Vertex enables our Elem Additive business to scale and support our customers better than before, Between the two organizations, there is decades of experience in advanced manufacturing, so we are thrilled to push the limits of this technology together."

-Tali Rosman, Elem Additive general manager and vice president at Xerox

ElemX is a more secure and simplified metal 3D printing technology that addresses supply chain resilience in the transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial production industries. Until recently, the market has been constrained by the inability to consistently and successfully 3D print aluminum. Unlike other metal 3D printing technologies, ElemX does not use toxic metal powders and does not require PPE or other significant safety precautions. As a result, ElemX is the appropriate solution for spares, repairs, and low-volume manufacturing parts.

ElemX takes all the benefits of 3D printing and makes it easier than ever before for manufacturers to use metal additive manufacturing, said Rosman. This is the next step in our journey, and we plan to continue advancing our vision for more resilient supply chains in 2022 by working with partners like Vertex.


This infographic from EWI to learn about five areas where manufacturers can reduce costs using NDE and read several case studies on various additional benefits delivered through successful implementation of NDE.


This infographic from EWI to learn about five areas where manufacturers can reduce costs using NDE and read several case studies on various additional benefits delivered through successful implementation of NDE.

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Epson Signs Advanced Industrial Products as Distributor in Kentucky and West Virginia

Epson | August 19, 2021

Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world,1 today announced it signed Advanced Industrial Products (AIP), an award-winning factory automation and robotics supplier, as an official distributor of Epson Robots automation solutions. As manufacturers look to automate small, intricate processes as well as pick-and-place and assembly applications, this new partnership makes automation attainable, simple and affordable to AIP customers in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Epson's cost-efficient, easy-to-use solutions combined with AIP's highly technical sales staff and engineers will help open the doors to build new relationships in automotive, food, beverage, and medical markets. "We take pride at AIP in providing exceptional customer service with our knowledgeable, highly-trained technical sales and engineer teams to help make the pre- and post-sale process seamless," said Jack Lopipero, President, AIP. "Epson's high level of attentiveness and business values translate into outstanding support to distributor partners, making them an ideal manufacturer to work with. In fact, AIP was so pleased to learn Epson shares a similar business model that we can leverage moving forward to deliver the best experience for customers." AIP offers the full lineup of award-winning Epson Robots automation products, including the extensive portfolio of SCARA, 6-Axis robots and integrated options. Epson's affordable robot solutions combined with outstanding quality and support offers AIP customers a broad spectrum of products to meet automation needs. "Epson's customer first philosophy coupled with AIP's hands-on, customer-centric approach makes them an ideal partner," said Tom Versfelt, vice president of Channel and Commercial Sales, Epson America. "AIP has demonstrated phenomenal customer service and support, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader in supplying automation system solutions in the Kentucky and West Virginia area. We are thrilled to help support their growth as a business and work together to break into new markets of automation." About Advanced Industrial Products, Inc. Advanced Industrial Products, Inc. (AIP) offers customers engineered automation system solutions provided by their highly trained associates. AIP is an industry leader committed to outstanding customer service, engineering, and technical support. AIP's goal is to consistently improve the value delivered to their customers, suppliers, and associates. AIP is positioned to help customers reduce their supplier base with product support for world-class manufacturers of industrial automation, robotics and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) components. With technical engineering support, AIP helps customers design, engineer, install and initiate new projects and make improvements to existing systems. AIP also provides customers with hands-on training classes taught by their own factory-trained engineers. About Epson Robots Epson Robots is a global leader in PC-controlled precision factory automation, with well over 100,000 units sold worldwide1 and a product line of hundreds of models of easy-to-use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-Axis robots based on a common PC-based platform. Building on a 35-year heritage, Epson Robots today delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries. About Epson Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information. The company is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle. Epson's goal is to become carbon negative and eliminate use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050.

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Shavelogic and Manufacturing Leader Jabil Partner to Advance Production of Men's Razor

Shavelogic | September 02, 2021

The razor industry's newest entrant Shavelogic has partnered with manufacturing solutions provider Jabil Inc. to advance its design and production goals as the company quickly evolves from modest production volumes just nine months ago to a fast-growing category disrupter. Co-founders Duwayne Miller and Rob Wilson discuss the relationship's advantages in a video released August 16, 2021. "In order to maintain the high level of quality needed for the product, we knew we needed to bring in an innovator and leader in consumer-packaged goods, robotics and automation. That's where Jabil comes in," said Wilson. "Their global reach, scale, supply chain resiliency and technology access are unparalleled — particularly in our industry." "Jabil operates as if they are one-in-the-same with our company, and they think about the next generation of our needs and reach — which allows us to stay focused on innovation and quality of our products," added Miller. "Their values align with our mission to defy conventional wisdom, push boundaries, and produce the type of products we want to wake up to every day." Jabil serves as an integral part of Shavelogic's diverse team of top-performing industry experts that together bring over 300 years of experience to the grooming company. The team's main focus is to increase the durability, reliability, and aesthetic properties of men's shaving products. After securing over 150 patents to date, the Shavelogic team is well on their way to forever changing how men shave. "Shavelogic's strong research and development culture is driving meaningful consumer-centric innovation, which is disrupting the grooming industry," said Joe Stodola, chief commercial officer, Jabil Packaging Solutions. "Jabil is excited to contribute our expertise in automation, supply chain management and advanced conversion capabilities to support Shavelogic to achieve scale and win in the market on their journey of reimagining the razor." About Shavelogic Founded in 2009 by Rob Wilson and Duwayne Miller, Shavelogic spent more than 10 years conducting skincare research and securing more than 150 company patents before launching its inaugural SL5 shaving system in 2020. Defying competitor convention, the Dallas-based company is challenging the near -$11 billion global razor industry with its focus on high craftsmanship over a price-driven approach. Now with a team that brings together seasoned shave industry veterans with technology-minded industrial designers and engineers, Shavelogic recently opened its first manufacturing facility in the U.S. to meet consumer demand as it rolls out national marketing efforts.

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Mech-Mind Announces New-Generation Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced Industrial 3D Camera to Enable Smarter Robotics of Industry 4.0

Mech-Mind Robotics | June 09, 2021

Mech-Mind Robotics, a fast-growing Chinese AI startup, has announced its new-generation Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced Industrial 3D Camera. Equipped with fast, structured light, this 3D camera presents high-quality 3D imaging of a broad range of objects, including tiny, shiny, reflective, and colored objects. The industrial 3D camera has become an essential partner for pick-and-place robotics. Yet, when it comes to densely packed, randomly placed, and highly detailed objects, limitations in resolution, precision, and speed restrict their performance and potential. With advances in resolution and precision, Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced 3D industrial camera can generate complete, detailed, and accurate point cloud with native and perfectly aligned color for a wide variety of objects, including plastic, ceramic, metal, cardboard, and wood. In addition, Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced's notable features include: • Extra field-of-view with 3D imaging time shortened to 0.5 seconds possible. This enables Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced to meet various typical applications, including bin picking, inspecting, measuring, and academic research. • Compact Aluminium housing with flexible mounting options. This minimizes the impact on maneuverability and enables robot cells to maintain reliable operation in demanding applications. • Cost efficiency. Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced is competitive in terms of pricing. Moreover, it helps customers boost efficiency and productivity. • Industrial suitability with IP65, vibration resistant, EMC/EMI proved, obtaining CE, FCC, VCCI, and RoHS certifications. Mech-Mind has developed an entire infrastructure and industrial 3D cameras portfolio, including: • Mech-Eye Laser: Equipped with fast, structured light, Mech-Eye Laser boasts ambient light resistance, significantly reducing shading facility requirements even under sunlight exceeds 10000 lux. • Mech-Eye Nano: Combining small size with high-quality imaging processing, Mech-Eye Nano helps robotic arms better understand and interact with their surroundings. • Mech-Eye Deep: With a large field of view and extra depth accuracy, Mech-Eye Deep can well recognize tightly-packed wrinkled sacks of different sizes. With a multi-language SDK for platforms, end-users can integrate Mech-Eye 3D Camera with Mech-Vision graphical vision software and Mech-Viz intelligent robot programming environment to develop customized applications. With such features and potential, Mech-Eye 3D industrial cameras have been deployed in over 1000 applications across wide-ranging industries, including manufacturing, steel, food, logistics, finance, and healthcare, since 2016. About Mech-Mind Robotics Mech-Mind was founded in 2016 to put intelligence into industrial robots. Integrating advanced technologies including deep learning, 3D Vision, and motion planning, Mech-Mind offers cost-effective solutions to palletizing and depalletizing, bin picking, order sorting, machine tending, and assembly/gluing/locating in logistics and manufacturing. Mech-Mind's intelligent industrial robot solutions are used in automotive OEM plants, appliance plants, steel plants, food plants, logistics warehouses, banks, and hospitals in China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the U.S.

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